NPJ Sports Complex Grand Opening

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Pick-up basketball and volleyball games were popping up at the new NPJ Sports Complex Sunday afternoon.

The facility will be home to the NPJ Club Volleyball, Run-and-Shoot Travel Basketball and Performance Zone Training with space for two full-size basketball courts, six volleyball courts, meeting spaces, Physical Training, mindset training by the Roots Mindset Training as well as a concession.  Pretty much the whole nine-yards for the facility located at 4050 Fairview Industrial Drive Suite 100 in Salem. 

“It’s huge.  The Hoop was our home for a little while, but this is now really our home to do it the way that we want to do it,” said Nate Gorman, NPJ Director of Operations. “And that’s why we’re implementing things like the Roots Mindset Training.  We got Rocky and the Performance Zone with the physical training and weights for the kids.  Study Halls. 

“It’s important for us that the kids can come here and get their training here, be surrounded by family and be surrounded by support staff that can help them from their school work to their mindset.  Just making them feel at home when they’re not actually at home.”

The facilities has had practices and an adult league Volleyball session prior to the Grand Opening Sunday and have a Halloween Quads Tournament scheduled for next Sunday starting at 9am.

For more information and details about the complex and what they are about, visit: .

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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