Judson Uses Passing Game In Win Over Walker

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Judson seventh-grader Kellen Bowman was pressured by a tough Walker defense all game long Wednesday afternoon.  Being challenged to make the best accurate throw knowing he didn’t have much time to dissect the defense in front of him.

The young gunslinger however got it done in the face of enemy barrage, throwing for 356 yards and three passing touchdowns in the Jaguars 22-6 win over the Wildcats to close out the regular season.

“I tried to get the ball out quicker.  If they want to hit me, they can hit me.  I’m not going to come out of the game,” Bowman said.  “I didn’t get a lot of time, but I did get enough time to get it to our receivers.  Our receivers caught great balls; it all just works together.”

During the second quarter, Walker had cut Judson’s 8-0 lead down to 8-6 off a rushing score.  But the Jags quickly answered the ‘Cats drive with a long-passing touchdown play to push the lead to 16-6 going into the halftime break.

Walker’s rushing attack put the Wildcats into position to get points on the board, but Judson’s defense proved tough down the stretch (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Walker tried an onside kick, recovered to start the third quarter and began marching down the field behind their running attack.  Judson eventually halted the drive in the redzone.

It was one of two crucial stops by the Jaguars in the second half to keep the Wildcats from mounting a comeback.

With Straub next week to close out the regular season, Walker’s going to be heading into Rivalry Week with a full-head of steam.

“We should’ve played a lot better.  We couldn’t get it going, we were distracting and we thought we were going to blow through this and we didn’t show up in the game,” said the Wildcats Jacob Sanderson.  “We’re going to have to (bounce back).  Walker has never beat Straub and hopefully this is the group.  We’re going to have to have two good practices going into that game.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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