Dayton Pushes Winning Streak To Six With 2-0 Win

By Jeremy McDonald

DAYTON, Ore.–  With the firepower that Dayton has, it’s not surprising that teams will try to do whatever they can to slow down the Pirates from running away with the lead.

On Monday night Salem Academy/Kennedy loaded up the defensive back-end.  Eight players here, nine players there playing defense.  Creating headaches for the Pirates in Dayton’s 2-0 victory on this evening. 

Goals from Paolo Covarrubias in the 21st minute and Renika Oliveira adding another in the 32nd to make the difference in the Pirates win their sixth-straight game.

“They were pretty aggressive so I think we’re going to learn a lot from this game.  Take more shots and know how to position yourself right with them,” Covarrubias said.

Dayton struck twice in the first half as they battled through Salem Academy/Kennedy’s defense Monday night in Dayton (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“They really tried to split us up and we really kept our line and kept pushing through.  We can communicate more and we need to spread out because we were really bunched up and they tried to play us in their game,” adds Jazmin Reos.

Occasionally the Crusaders would get a long-ball down the pitch towards the Pirates goal.  Catching the Dayton backline that featured Reos, off guard on a few occasions.  The Salem Academy/Kennedy defense brought them up a bit and forced them to run back to net to make sure they’re being honest in their fourth shutout of the season.

“I think we did pretty good, we’re pretty conditioned and we have a strong defense.  We communicate pretty well and we bond pretty well so that helps us,” Reos said.
Dayton will host Yamhill-Carlton to close out the first loop through league Thursday before traveling to Blanchet Catholic Monday to open the second-time through the conference.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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