Cross Country Round-Up: Salem-Area Runners Run At Nike Portland XC

By Jeremy McDonald

PORTLAND, Ore.–  The Annual Nike Portland XC event returned this Fall as athletes from the West Coast traveled to Blue Lake Regional Park to compete in the variety of Varsity races (from Danner, the strongest runners to Division-3) as well as a slew of Novice and Junior Varsity races to give teams and runners unique experiences.

Here are some notables’ from the Salem-area Saturday:

5,000-meter Danner Championships


Sara Abbott was thirty, West Salem’s Gitte Lonigan was 41st in the Field of 125 that featured the strongest of the strong runners at the meet.


West Salem’s Jack Meier and South Salem’s Kelvin Wilson finished 15th and 16th respectively while Sprague’s Tucker Piper was 24th.  The Titans Brady Bliven (58th), Saxons David Huggins (71st), West Salem’s Logan Schwarts (79th) and Isaac McDonald (100th) finished in the Top 100.

5,000-meter Dvision 2 race.


South Salem finished second in the 5,000-meter Division-2 race with 92 points as Olivia Buswell and Zoey Hock finished in the Top 7.  Buswell was fifth and Hock was seventh.  Paige Trautman (23rd) and Sophia Buswell (25th) contributed with Top 25 finishes.  Blanchet’s Emma Lutz was 45th with a time of 21:41.00.  Brin Christiansen of Sprague was 74th and Abigail Alburn was 78th.

South Salem Girls finished second in the the 5,000-meter race that saw teams like Lincoln, Walla Walla (Washington), Tualatin and Stadium (Washington) going first, third, fourth and fifth around them in the team points (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Sprague’s Boys Team finished tenth as Milano Cedillo Rodriguez was the highest finisher, finishing ninth.  The Olympians’ Gabirel Schnell was 46th as the other Sprague runner who finished in the Top 50.

5,000-meter Division 3 Varsity.


McKay finished third in the race as Sydney Haines was second in the race and Kaydence Nguyen was tenth, the Scots saw Stephanie Urenda (32nd), Joseline Tapia Guerra (73rd) and Skylar Stangeland (79th) finish in the Top 80.  Cascade’s Cami Oliva was 14th and Stayton’s Hope Bridge was 21st.  The Eagles Elizabeth Young was 26th. Keira Cook of West Salem was 36th, Titan teammate Julianne Rommel was 47th.  The Cougars’ Kynzee Syverson was 76th.  Stayton’s Haili Nyquist was 83rd.


South Salem boys finished second with 106 points.  Aidan Chau and Elliot Carmichael Kohn led the charge with 25th and 26th-place finishes repectively.  Collin Rutledge was right behind the duo at 28th.  Jamin Potloff and Copper Brown were 31st and 32nd for the Saxons.  Cascade’s Ethan Kuntz was 34th and teammate Thomas Boyer was 50th.  South Salem’s Keplan Barram was 40th.  Brody Ramseyer was 42nd, McKay’s Jose Miranda was 44th and Scots teammate Thuan Huynh (62nd) and Jonathan Ramirez (94th) had strong finishes.  Stayton’s Dylan Cooper (78th), Cascade’s Trevor Reese (84th) and Scott Christiansen (86th) finished in the Top 100.

3,000-meter JV Novice race


McKay’s Citlhali Delgadillo was 56th and Yoshunany Delgadillo was 65th.  Sprague’s Ava Wolf finished 70th, Cascade’s Kelly Heskew was 72nd, South Salem’s Elisha Davison was 85th, the Olympians Willa Brown was 89th.


Sprague’s Cameron Collins was 45th and the Olympians Yurek Ledesma was 62nd in the JV Novice race.  Cascade’s Caleb McBeth was 71st.  South Salem’s Zachary Bay Aji (79th), Sprague’s William Nyleen (83rd) finished in the Top 100.

5,000 meter JV Freshman/Sophomore (Danner/D1 Races

Sprague’s Andrew Olsen (47th) and Merrick Scott (99th) finished in the Top 100.  Sprague’s Owent Hovet (75th), Weston Vereide (88th) finished in the Top 100 of the 5,000 meter JV Junior/Senior (Danner/D1 Races)

5,000-meter JV Freshman/Sophomore(D2/D3 races)-  South Salem’s girls team finished 13th.  Dallas’ Polly Olliff ran a 21:32/80 time.  South Salem Boys won with a 41 team score, West Salem Boys were third at 124.  Dallas Boys were 11th.

5,000-meter JV Jr/Sr (D2/D3 races)- South Salem’s Autumn Ditzel was fourth.  Dallas’ Csenge Gyenes was 15th.  Marina Gonzalez of McKay was 22nd.  Judith Williamson of Blanchet Catholic and Bridget Reffensperger were 31st and 29th.  South Salem’s Neha Serinivasan (46th) and McKay’s Giesselle Andrade-Jacobo (47th) finished in the Top 50.

South Salem Boys finished third with a team score of 56.  West Salem’s Carter Parent was fifth.

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