Salem-Area Cross Country Round-Up

By Jeremy McDonald

West Salem and South Salem had strong performances at the Northwest Classic Saturday.  Scio’s Athena and Blanchet’s Emma Lutz finished in the Top 20 at the 1A-4A NW Classic race.  Sprague and Cascade had strong showings at the Merriwether and Oregon City on Friday and Saturday.

Here’s some notables from the three big Cross-Country races.

Northwest Classic XC 2021

Amity’s Brennan Hake finished 56th in the and Scio’s Levi Forson was 66th in the 1A/2A/3A/4A Race that featured 147 runners.  West Salem’s Jack Meier was fourth in the 5A/6A race with Brady Bliven (17th), Logan Schwartz (18th) finishing in the Top 20 as the Titans had five runners in the Top 48. South Salem’s David Huggins was 21st and Kellen Hayase was 33rd for the Saxons.

Scio’s Athena Lau was 12th and Blanchet’s Emma Lutz was 17th in the girls 1A-4A race.  Western Christian’s Ari Miersma was 64th.  North Salem’s Isabel Swain (sixth) and West Salem’s Gitte Lonigan was eleventh in the 5A/6A race and Olivia Moya was 24th.  South Salem’s Olivia Buswell (22nd), Zoey Hock (23rd) and Paige Trautman (25th) set the pace for the Saxons in their fourth-place finish.  South Salem Freshman Sophia Buswell was 35th.

Kelvin Wilson was 11th with a time of 16:05 in the NW Classic.

Dallas’ Polly Olliff (38th), Ivy McIntosh (42nd) finished in the Top 50 of the 5A/6A race.  The Dragons finished 13tth as a team on the girls side and the Dallas boys were 18th on the boys side led by Joseph Maxfield and Isaac Santillie who finished 104th and 105th respectively in the field of 163.

Merriwether XC Meet

Sprague’s Tucker Piper was 18th in the boys race with a time of 16:12.63,  The Olympians Milano Cedillo Rodriguez was 33rd.  Sprague’s Sara Abbott was fifth in the girls race with a time of 18:46.35 as McKay finished 11th as a team.  Sydney Haines (18th), Kaydence Nguyen (22nd) finished in the Top 50.

Stayton’s Hope Bridge was 52nd in the field of 163.

Oregon City XC Meet

Cascade’s Bryhan Sullivan was 12th in the Varsity boys race with a time of 17:00.90 as the Cougars finished 11th as a team.  Cascade’s Alexandra Newton finished 46th with a time of 21:32.59 in a field of 125.  The Cougars Jaci Nixon was 67th.

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