Gervais’ Line Ingredient For Success?

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–  The Gervais line will be bringing the size and height this season for it’s pro-run offense.

Second-year Head Coach JJ Navarette’s system is simple.  Run the ball to open the pass plays.  The Cougars have always been a pro-run team and had came to life late in their four-game Spring season in which they went 2-2.

Cade Bischel anchors the line being the lone senior on the line.  Emulating what his older brother Calen once did years-and-years ago at the center position.  Ashtyn Sattergren (tackle), Josiah Cruz (guard) joins Bischel on the line that stand at least six-feet tall to help out with their skill position players in Jorge Barroso, Gabe Martinez and Gotti Ramon to name a few.

“We are a run team.  We run first and pass second, we set up the pass with the run.  We focus on that.  Our line is young, but we’re big.  I got a couple over six-footers on the line, over 240/250 pounds,” Navarette said. 

The Gervais line brings the youth this season, but could be their ticket to success this year following their 2-2 Spring season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“My center is the only senior that I have on that line and Cade is a stud, he’s going to anchor that thing for us.  He is my stud, he is my captain for the offensive line and he is our anchor and we got a good opportunity this year.”

It’s the little steps that’ll get them to bridge last year’s late season success into this Fall with the Willamina Jamboree Friday and their season-opener September 2 against Lowell at home.

“Getting these younger guys that are stepping in for my nine seniors that graduated last year and replacing those holes.  We’ll never replace the individual, but they’re going to be there and make it better for themselves,” Navarette said.  “I believe in little steps, I always tell these guys…we used to be the little engine that could ‘I think I can, I think I can.’ And we won our first game in Culver and then Colton, we were on a roll.  If they didn’t cut us short, I couldn’t tell you what we could’ve done.  I wish I could tell you.”

Both the jamboree and home game start at 7pm.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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