Giving Back To The Community

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.– Inspiration serves more than a one-way street.

Stayton’s Cody Leming remembers hearing how fast Wyatt Connally’s younger brother Colton ran the 40-yard dash.  A sub five-second 40 that had Leming hopping in line at the 40-yard-dash line.  He wasn’t able to run before Eagles Head Coach Randy Nyquist called everyone in to close out the camp, but in the ‘Pick A Player’ honoring portion of wrapping up the day, Leming honored the younger Connally when it was his turn.

“He ran a super-fast 40-time and it’s awesome to see kids out here running and working hard, even us as High Schoolers trying to one-up kids and some of us can’t even do it.  It’s awesome,” Leming starts.  “It’s great to have kids…picking out who’s working hard and it kind of helps us kids work harder as well when you get to see younger kids out here doing their best.”

Stayton held their final day of Kids Camp as the season slowly approaches. The Eagles had the campers go station-to-station throughout the week trying different aspects of the game from receiving, defending to ball-carrying and Lineman work (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The camp was set-up in stations, coached by the athletes.  Leming helped with the quarterbacks, Eli Brown was with the defensive backs, Brock Hubert with the lineman, Jonathan Daniels and Nicholas Frith with the receivers to name a few of the Eagles athletes out working with the kids during this past week.

Having fun while first-hand seeing the grueling task that is to coach the sport that they all play and love.

“It was awesome because we get to be around them again after the pandemic and everything.  It’s really cool to be around and teach some kids up and almost have them be a part of Stayton Football,” Frith.  “It’s an eye-opening thing.  Teaching these kids different things, getting them all together.  Getting them all to do what you want them to do and you get to see how tough it is.”

Now the real work begins as they jump right into their last day of team camp Thursday night before Monday officially kicks off the season with their first official practice in preparation of the season ahead.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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