Candee’s Long Road Back

By Jeremy McDonald

SILVERTON, Ore.– Incoming Silverton senior Paige Candee just can’t stay away from the game of Volleyball.

Walking around with a big bulky brace on her right leg, Candee worked alongside with Rowan Reilly and a few of her Foxes teammates Monday evening, helping to run the Silverton Kids Camp before the High School camp that followed.

Candee has been on the healing trail following an accident during the first day of try-outs in the Spring that had knocked her out of her junior season.  As tough as it was, it showed her a different aspect of the game with Silverton kicking off the four-days’ worth of camps.

“It showed me a lot because I’m watching the game from a different perspective.  Constantly watching people’s moves and what they do,” Candee said.  “I think watching all the games and being able to call out all the moves, learning more footwork and placements on the court I’ve gotten way better with that.  So coaching little kids, it’s a lot easier for me to explain everything and I feel like I know so much more about the game because of it.

“It’s easier to coach them because I can tell them moves, what to do with their feet and arms because I’ve been watching for so long.”

Candee walking through a drill Monday evening during Monday’s Kids Camp in the Auxiliary Gym at Silverton High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The different aspects of the game have helped her develop into a better leader as well, in that she’s able to help her teammates along from what she’s seeing from the sidelines that she would otherwise might’ve missed while on the court.  The little insights that’ll help her once hopefully she gets the green light to get back on the court.

With the uncertainties of when she’ll get the green light, currently it’s set for October 6 which would put a possibly return during the 5A playoffs, she’s battling through the mental hurdles the injury has presented, taking things one-day-at-a-time.

“There’s times where I’m like ‘I should be done.  I don’t have anything to do’.  But at the same time too, I love this sport, it’s my senior year and I have one of the best teams I’ve ever been with.  I love the girls,” Candee said.  “Being around them, it makes me excited to be there for them and cheer for them on.  When I can officially play is October 6, so there’s a possibility of playoffs.”

She’s been training with a special trainer to strengthen up her knee.  Rehabbing it for four months after the surgery.  Focusing on the little things to make sure there’s no set-backs, pointing towards how long it took her to extend her leg out to full locking position.

“So we’ve been focusing to strengthening this (pointing towards her quadricep) because it got so weak right about my knee after surgery.  So, I have so many workouts with my trainer and my physical therapist at home all day, everyday to try to get it there,” Candee said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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