Jefferson Host Team Camp

By Jeremy McDonald

JEFFERSON, Ore.–  It was a nice feeling getting back into the gym this week following Moratorium Week to end the month of July.

Team Camp started at Jefferson High School for the Volleyball team this week, setting up a month in which try-outs start on August 16 at the High School level and the season soon afterwards. 

18 girls, a mixture of High School and Middle School girls, took advantage of the voluntary camp’s PM session Wednesday afternoon as they went to work in cleaning up the little things heading into the season.  Helping each other, bonding amongst themselves as they went through the early August session.

“Our Juniors, we’ve got three out of our four Juniors coming and that’s great because they’re our next year’s leaders.  They’re jumping in and helping the younger (players),” “We had a Junior come in early yesterday and helped with our littles and that was great,” said Head Coach Sydney Poorman.

“We’ve seen so much growth over the Summer.  Just by coming in for open gyms, people got their jump serves that never had before by just coming in this summer and not having restrictions like last summer.  We’ve been able to help them and seen a huge amount of improvement.”

Jefferson’s hosting a team-camp this week with an AM sessions and a PM session in preparation for their season the officially kicks off August 16 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The Lions went 3-10 in the six-week season and 2-7 in the Central Valley Conference back in March.  Poorman expects to have seven Seniors to try out, but the squad also expects nine freshmen to arrive and a sizable sophomore class ahead of them as Jefferson looks to utilize that kind of team dynamic this upcoming season.

“The team is definitely going to be different from last year.  New faces and we won’t have a lot of upperclassmen…but we’ve been playing with them since elementary school so we’ll help them out on the team,” incoming Senior Liz McCall said.  “It’s fun to meet new faces and it’s good to get the little kids familiar with us in competition, getting better with their skills and stuff.

“With try-outs coming around, it’s good to get into camp so we can get a little extra help with what we need to fix for when try-outs get here.”

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