Woolsey Taking The Next Step

By Jeremy McDonald


CENTRALIA, Wash.– First game out of the gate of the Fastpitch NW Showcase Tuesday at the Centralia Sports Complex, incoming Dallas sophomore Clara Woosley was named Game MVP, picked by the players of the opposing team.  Receiving the honor against the Idaho Ruby squad for her play defensively in the outfield.

“I loved playing out there, it was great,” Woosley laughed.  “If the defense and the offense are a good combo together, then my confidence will be soaring, it’s so exciting.”

Offensively the outfielder went 5-for-13 with a few RBI’s as she took the lessons learned during the six-week season this past Spring and went to work on them this Summer.  Improving on her craft and building upon the foundation she laid from this past Spring in her first year at the High School level.

Woolsey split time in left and center field Tuesday as a member of the Oregon Royals-Underclassmen in the Fastpitch NW Northwest Championships (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I definitely feel like I’m improving, especially what I’ve learned from High School and my Spring season and to bring it all together here.  It’s really cool,” Woosley said.  “My coaches definitely helped me a ton.  Energy and my teammates, they always helped me out.”

As much as this past Summer, this past year has been to help Woosley, the three-day event spanning five teams that includes kids from Idaho and Washington has helped the Dragon softball player moving forward.  Things like seeing different pitching to working on fielding defensively as she continues to improve entering her sophomore year.

“I think it’s going to help me with different styles of pitchers because I’ve seen fast ones and moderate one’s.  It’s good to see the variety of things that will help me in the future,” Woolsey said. “I like to lay out for more balls (defensively), I think that will help.  I think that’s something I should do more often, getting more comfortable with it now and I can’t wait to do it more in the future.”

The Oregon Royals-Underclassmen squad will battle for third in Chehalis Wednesday morning at 11am.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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