Enjoying The Moments

By Jeremy McDonald


CENTRALIA, Wash.–  For about three innings Tuesday afternoon at the Centralia Sports Complex in Centralia, the battery was Ebner-Ebner.

McNary’s Hannah Ebner, at pitcher, and Heather Ebner, at catcher, were sharing the field once more as once more as they’ve had in years past.  Preparing for one last ride together as Celtics.

“It’s definitely a moment that I take to heart because it’s nice when she strikes someone out…I’m probably the most excited for her,” said the Junior in Heather.  “She’s my biggest supporter and I’ll always be her biggest supporter.”
“I love pitching to Heather, she knows me the best, she’s caught for me since I was probably eight-years-old so it was a pretty special moment to share this time with her in this big showcase tournament,” the Senior in Hannah said.

The two were on the Oregon Royals-Upperclassmen squad for the five-game Fastpitch NW Showcase that started Monday.  They played a single Day 1 before playing three games Tuesday, the last two going the distance before advancing to Day 3. 

Teammate Ellie Martin was on the Oregon Sky team and West Salem’s Jessica Kelso (Oregon Pacific) all represented the Mountain Valley Conference in the Evergreen State.

The Ebner sisters were on the Oregon Royals-Upperclassmen team as Hannah enters her Senior Year and Heather her Junior Year at McNary High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

In their finale game against the Idaho Crimson team, Heather hit a solo Home Run and was slowly coming back into a groove after a slump in the PGF Tournament with the Oregon Rebels-Gonzalez a week or so ago.  Sister Hannah in her next at-bat, nearly matched her younger sister’s moonshot with a fly-ball to Center that drove in an RBI.

“It’s nice to get back onto the field and to be able to share that moment with her is something special.  They’re dwindling down faster than we like, but it’s definitely awesome,” Hannah Ebner said.

The past few weeks with the Rebels and now Fastpitch NW has been a good learning experience for the two Ebners.  Playing the game that they love and getting their names out there as they enter one last ride together.

Hoping to make it the best that they can once the Spring arrives here in a few months while improving themselves as players.

“It’s definitely showing that I can rely on my teammates for the weaknesses that I have that are probably their strengths, so it’s nice to see that,” Heather Ebner said.

“Just continuing my hard work and asking for help when I need it, just playing for everyone on the team,” adds Hannah Ebner.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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