Amity’s Graham Heading To Lane Community College

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.–  Keenan Graham had to be efficient this past Spring having to juggle both baseball and Track.  It was mentally challenging, but the future Lane Community College trickster made due with the tasks in front of him.

“I made sure that the one day of practice I did get I had to learn a figure out as much as I could,” Graham said.  “I feel like that takes time and I think that’s where college will be a big jump because I’ll be focusing on one sport and mentally it won’t tire me out.”

Efficiency was crucial especially with how short the season was.  Chaotic Graham pointed out juggling the two sports, but he achieved his goals by bringing home a State Title, taking the High Jump title with a jump of six-feet to go with his sixth-place finish in Long Jump, fifth in the 4×100 relay and his second-place in the Javelin.

His six-foot jump did get him the title yes, but it is driving him entering this next season with the Titans.

Graham landing one of his jumps during the second-day of the 3A-Special District 2 District Meet in Amity on May 13 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I think I did alright I didn’t get the PR I wanted I had a goal from the beginning of the season of jumping 6”6 and I only got 6”4 this year so I’m kind of mad about that and it gives me a lot of motivation to get better and crush that goal next year,” Graham said.  “But in my whole high school career I’ve always wanted to win a state championship and I got to do that this year so I can’t complain too much.

“There’s always room for improvement and what I want to improve on is just getting stronger. I’ve been trying to hit the weight room and another big one that people don’t think about is flexibility, both of those will be a big improvement to my jumping next year.”

As for joining the NWAC Juggernaut that is Lane in the Track Capital, there’s no nerves.  Just excited to see how he’ll do.

“I’m not nervous at all, the only thing I am nervous about is moving out on my own, but the fact that they are conference champs nine-times-in-a-row is very impressive,” Graham starts.  “(It) makes me want to be even better so I can help towards another one and I’m also just happy cause with that much winning the coaching staff is fantastic so I’ll be learning a lot.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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