Dallas-Cascade Getting Reps In

By Jeremy McDonald


TURNER, Ore.–  It’s beginning to feel like a sense of normalcy is returning when Dallas and Cascade scrimmaged Wednesday morning.

There was that summer league feel, but they went five instead of the best-of-three they would normally see this time of year.  Helping to see where they were at endurance wise entering next month and try-outs on the horizon.

“It’s been nice doing six-on-six because last year we did four-on-four and three-on-three because we couldn’t have as many people in the gym.  So it’s been good to play six-on-six, travel to places and play as a team,” the Dragons Olivia Hale said.  “(Today) was good in case we have to go five-sets.  This summer we’re doing CrossFit for endurance, working out and I think we’ll be ready.”

Dallas is returning a solid core of athletes from their 5-7 season this past Spring with names like Hale, Kaitlyn Van Well and Grace Hannan.

Cascades in a similar boat, only have graduated one senior to the Dragons three, and had got to test their depth with a few of their girls out on either vacation or doing sand tournaments as they played their second scrimmage of the Summer.  Their first being Stayton last week.

The Fall Sports season officially kicks off on August 16 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It was nice, I think with the girls that we have gone and come back we’ll be stronger than we are right now.  It’s nice to know that we’re relying on each other.  We’ll just be stronger once we’re all together,” the Cougars Cami Oliva said.

Cascade went 5-5-1 this past Spring as Oliva points to their communication as a point they can work on when they get to camp and try-outs next month preparing for a tough Oregon West Conference league that has Sisters and Sweet Home to it.

Dallas, it’s offense Hale pointed towards their offense as they prepare for the Mid-Willamette Conference that features West Albany.

“Communication is one of the biggest things we need in Volleyball.  We need to trust and trust that your teammates are going to get there for you and get that next ball, hit your set.  Just communicating and having good energy is another important thing that we like to have,” Hale said.  “When you have low energy, you’re not really into it but when we’re all energized and have that positive mindset it really gets us up.”

“I think we can work on  our offense a bit.  Service-Receive.  Our offense has been running stuff well in our offense, so if we can keep that up we can be good,” adds Hale.

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