Silverton Girls Basketball Host Kids Camp

By Jeremy McDonald

SILVERTON, Ore.–  100-plus kids have shown up and have been showing out, putting in the work at Silverton’s Kids Camp this week.

Wednesday was their third day in action.  Splitting up the campers into groups amongst the Main Gym and the Auxiliary Gym at the High School while having the fifth-, sixth-graders at the Middle School gym.  Working on the fundamentals while having fun at the same time.

“They’re like hands-on with your skills, you’re shooting and all of that stuff,” said seventh-grader Marley Wertz.  “It’s really fun.  They make it more fun than it being a normal practice, it’s more like a game.”

Over 100 kids signed up and showed up for Silverton’s Girls Basketball Camp this week as the Foxes split up campers amongst three gyms (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“We love doing it because the community has been good to us,” Foxes Head Coach Tal Wold said.  “Silverton is just so awesome, so any chance that we have to meet girls, to give back and say ‘thank you’, but for our girls…some of them a few years ago, they were sitting down picking out a prize and now they’re leading the camp and helping coach it.  It’s just so good for them for being on both sides and remembering what it was like to be a kid and play.”

One of those kids that have been on both sides of the player coach-camper realm was Rowan Reilly.  The incoming Junior too was a camper a few years ago and now has been helping out with the fifth-sixth graders, doing the same thing as the High Schoolers did with her just a few short years ago.

“It’s super cool to see them at that age because I remember when I was that age and being so scared like ‘they’re so big’,” Reilly said with a smile. “But seeing them is super cool because I’m super excited to see the next generation of Silverton basketball and how it’s going to grow and stuff.

“I love helping the girls.  Seeing them get better, work with the ball and it’s really awesome.”

The camp continues on Thursday from 9am until noon.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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