Dodgers Rally By Crushers In Series Opener

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– This was what you would hope for as the regular season draws to an end.  Efficient pitching, strong defense and the bats to back it all up.

 Withnell had it all in their 10-1 win over the up-start Post 58 Crushers, scoring the final ten runs after Jefferson-grad DJ Krider put the Dodgers down in a early 1-0 hole going into the second inning.  It started with their defense as Sprague’s Jack Muth came out and delivered a four-hit complete game gem.

“After that first inning I just had to lock-in and just let my defense work because I don’t think there’s a defense better in our conference than the seven guys behind me and the one guy behind the dish,” Muth said.  “I was trying to get them a lot of ground balls, keep my innings short so I could stay in the game as long as I can and let everyone do their job.  Everyone did a great job.”

Muth’s execution on the bump will be something clutch as they prepare for a run at the State Tournament in Roseburg on July 23.  Hoping it’s something they can build upon as they are in the middle of their schedule gauntlet.

“It’s big because me and Broderick (Stanaway), we can go C(omplete) G(ame) or six (innings) and it sets us up for pitchers besides me and Broderick to step up and get the job done.  Get some work in, it’s awesome to get in and help them out like that,” Muth said.

Withnell’s offense timed out Stayton’s Wyatt Connally and Silverton’s Carson Waples as Sprague’s Jack Muth pitched a complete game four-hitter Tuesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Stanaway is expected to pitch one of the two games Wednesday in Stayton at Regis High School as the Dodgers look for their first Area 3 Sweep of the year.  The Crushers however, who swept the Post 20 Dirtbags of Monmouth last week, will try to avoid the sweep and hope to win both games Wednesday. 

Looking to their bats to revive and their defense to settle back in after starting the season 14-8-1.

“Tomorrow our pitchers just got to come out and shove.  Let our defense play,” said Silverton’s Carson Waples.  “Broderick and Muth both throw pretty hard so we just got to get out there and swing the sticks because we didn’t do that today.  Withnell is a pretty good team, they’re solid all around.  They hit the ball well, they play good defense.  We just got to do the same thing and score runs.”

Waples came in for relief of Stayton’s Wyatt Connally during the third inning, pitching the final four innings as both pitchers collected a strikeout each.  The Foxes’ Robbie Brockamp and Cole Mucken and St. Paul’s TJ Crawford each collected a hit.

Sprague’s Carson Vankempen and Chris Rogers each had two-hits each as Muth struck out six on 103-pitches.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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