TRC Girls Basketball Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

Gervais’ Celi Vasquez and Kennedy’s Ellie Cantu were Co-Tri River Conference Players of the Year as the Cougars and Trojans fielded two girls each on the First-team.

Here is the Full List:


First Team

Celi Vasquez-Gervais

Ellie Cantu-Kennedy

Aly Herber- Salem Academy

Hailey Arritola-Kennedy

Reese Hall-Western Christian

Katie Hanson-Gervais

The Crusaders Aly Herber was named to the TRC First-Team (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Lilly Welburn-Gervais

Elise Suing- Kennedy

Annabelle Brawley- Salem Academy

Olvlia Haines-Colton

Makennan Hopper-Western Christian

Bailey Pedersen- Salem Academy

Western Christian fielded one on the second team, third and Honorable Mention teams (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Third Team

Izzy Boyd- Gervais

Haley Ayala- Sheridan

Sarah Hess- Western Christian

Dylainee Carmony- Salem Academy

Avery Reiland-Colton

Isabel Contreras- Gervais

Kennedy fielded four athlete’s on the TRC Honors list in 2021 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention

Sierra Bautista- Culver

Tegan Macy-Culver

Natalie Nielsen-Sheridan

Taylor Propst- Sheridan

Sydney Fahndrich-Western Christian

Ariana Reyes-Culver

Kelsey-Kleinschmit- Kennedy

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