Regis’ Pires Signs With Corban For Basketball

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  It was hard to imagine for Regis’ Emaleigh Pires as a freshman that they, as a Rams Girls Basketball Program, to have reached the 2A Postseason.

That year, the 2017-2018, Regis went 4-21.  Fast forward three-years to this year, the Rams were 12-3 and had reached the opening round of the postseason.  Nearly upending Bandon on the road, falling to the Cougars 41-36 to end their season this past Tuesday.

She pointed out that if you asked her three-years ago on social media after the defeat about that day, she would have said you were crazy.

“I mean like I said if you would have asked me my freshmen year if I thought we would be in the state playoffs my senior year I would have not said yes to you,” Pires said.  “My team and I worked our butts off all season to make it to the post we were in on Tuesday Night *6/22/21*.

“Knowing that I proved my freshman self-wrong honestly is the best feeling! Though we did not make it as far as we wanted to, I think all us girls that played that night worked our butts off, & I couldn’t be prouder of our team!”

Emaleigh Pires (left) with Corban Head Coach Bill Pilgeram (left) as the Rams-graduate has signed with the Warriors for Women’s Basketball (Picture Provided By Emaleigh Pires)

It capped a year in which many Seniors thought would never happen.  Grateful for the opportunity and not taking anything for granted was what Pires took away from this year for the multi-sport athlete.

For Pires, through it all.  The Covid-shortened season, the past three years.  All of it helped her in preparing for what is to come in college.  Joining a small percentage of High School athletes to take their talents to the next level as she signed her Letter of Intent to play basketball at Corban University entering this next school year.  Looking to get a degree as a Health Associate.

“I love everything about the Corban program, I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to play with my college team & get a feel of what the girls are like! I love the energy that every single one of those girls had, it made me not feel as nervous! I’m honestly ready for the next step, I’m ready for the challenges that will come as well,” Pires said.

“This year I have grown a lot from my junior year, I think with everything happening in the world I learned not to take things for granted and to play every game like it was my last. I have to thank my coaches and team for making me a better player really! And of course, my parents! When I mess up, I always put my head down and think of the negative but I had such amazing coaches that they put me in place and helped me overcome the challenges I was facing.”

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