MWC Boys Basketball Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

South Albany Senior Isaiah Gilliam won the Mid-Willamette Conference Player of the Year. Silverton’s Jordan McCarty and Neil Efimov, along with Central’s Chase Nelson got first-team honors.

First Team

Isaiah Gilliam- South Albnay

Jordan McCarty-Silverton

Noah Dewey-Crescent Valley

Neil Efimov- Silverton

Chase Nelson-Central

Cole Weber-Lebanon

Isaac Semerikov-Silverton

Koby Ruiz-West Albany

Silverton’s Neil Efimov received first-team honors as the Foxes finish 14-1 on the year (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Jake Leibelt-Crescent Valley

Henry Pointer-Lebanon

Isaiah Sim- South Albany

Curtis Kuhlman-Corvallis

Adrien Barba- Central

Lucas Roth- Silverton

Ashton Foster-Dallas

Central’s Gabe Cirano drives to the hoop against Dallas on May 22 as the Junior finished with Honorable Mention honors. The Panthers went 4-11 on the year (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention

Kellen Sullivan-Corvallis

Karsten Sullivan-Corvallis

DeShawn Gilliam- South Albany

Austin Ratliff- Silverton

Adam Temesgen- Crescent Valley

Justin Hamiliton- Crescent Valley

LJ Carmichael-West Albany

Justin Whittier- West Albany

Jason Patrick- South Albany

Grant Hooley- South Albany

Kobe Braziel- Dallas

Jace Grillo- Dallas

Ryan  Brown- Silverton

Gabe Cirano-Central

Nate Thompson- Corvallis

Brayden Currey-Lebanon

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