Regis Rebounds From Central Linn Loss With Win

By Jeremy McDonald

TAYTON, Ore.– Challenges had presented itself for the Regis Girls Basketball program entering Tuesday night’s game with Lowell.

Their six-game winning streak was snapped Monday at Central Linn.  They were without Ava Silbernagel and her height, but here they were Tuesday night.  Battling and etching out a 44-39 victory against the Red Devils on home turf.

“It made us mad,” Whitley Stapp said of the loss Monday.  “We were mad that we lost so we came back on fire, but it was a close game.  Our shots went in and we had better defense.”

“We’ve been having to work around that without our biggest girl (in Silbernagel) and I think a lot of people have stepped up down low,” adds Sara Wiltsey. “In practice we’ve been working hard.  We’ve been putting in work on the weekends too.  We’ve been putting in extra work and I think we just have a fire lit under us.”

Regis’ Whitley Stapp directing her offense on where to go in Tuesday’s win over Lowell (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Wiltsey led the second half charge for the Rams, scoring ten of her 17 points in the second half.  Stapp helped down the stretch with five fourth quarter points as free throws became crucial as Lowell pulled to within one of Regis 39-38. 

Stapp finished with ten points and Adelle Otter contributed another eight as a 5-1 run helped close out the game with the Rams looking to close out their trilogy of games in three-straight days Wednesday in Stayton against Oakland. 

Knowing the need to start off strong with them beating the Oakers by one the last time the two squads met in Oakland 43-42.

“We have a tendency to start off slow and after halftime and our talk, we started to pick it up.  I think the guards are doing a lot of work on top of defense and so we’re just trying to do extra work there.  Get some steals,” said Wiltsey.

“We just have a fire lit underneath us, we only beat Oakland one last time so I think we’re kind of trying to redeem ourselves.  We’re at home so that’ll help too,” “We’re going to play strong.  Keep working with what we have down low and hope the outcome is what we want.”

Lucy Plahn and Pricilla Thurman each had ten points each for the Red Devils..

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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