Silverton Hands South Salem First Defeat

By Jeremy McDonald

SILVERTON, Ore.– Long-term consistency and discipline helped Silverton in their massive 72-52 win over South Salem.  The little things that the Saxons presented to the Foxes in the game, from missed opportunities to rebounding and fouls had resulted in Silverton turning it into momentum on the other side of the court.

Building, early on, a 15-point lead in the second half before South cut the lead down to nine following an Ivan Primbs three-pointer with 1:04 left in the third quarter.

The little energizing plays, points Silverton’s Isaac Semerikov, helped them build the initial lead and sustain their energy against the third quarter spurt that the Saxons had coming off of the halftime break.

“It’s the little things, it’s the little things that help us get us going,” Semerikov said.  “It’s the little energizer, as we’re hanging by a thread, it’s the little things that they’ll take us for.”

Coming out of the halftime break, South Salem were more focused compared to how they started the game.

South Salem had a tough time Tuesday finding consistency as Silverton took advantage of their mistakes in the match-up in Silverton (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Silverton quickly took advantage of their lack of finishing opportunities on the glass, first quarter fouls and turnovers to pace the game.  The third quarter they pushed tempo, matched the Foxes pace and were a good run away from contending for the lead coming down the stretch of the fourth quarter.

The short-term discipline is what they’re good at right now, Saxon Head Coach Travis Brown said, but with how young of a team they are, they’re trying to build-up that long-term discipline similar to what teams like Silverton have.

“What we’re good at, we’re good at short-term discipline,” starts Brown.  “We need to have better long-term discipline where we can go through long possessions, staying in the right defensive positions.  Staying mental tough for longer periods of time and that’s what we showed tonight in the third quarter.

“Coming out in the third quarter we were disciplined.  We knew, we executed and then we got back to our old ways.  Athleticism and basketball ability got us a lot of these wins, but our coaching staff will make sure we’re getting towards that long-term discipline.”

That long-term, long-possessing play on both sides of the ball that could decide a game against a similarly caliber team.  In the fourth, South Salem couldn’t duplicate their third quarter success as the Foxes pushed their lead towards 20-points during the final eight minutes of the game.

On Wednesday, Silverton travels to West Salem as the Titans sit 4-1 on the year. South Salem host Dallas (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Both teams will have a quick turnaround, South (6-1) will host Dallas and Silverton travels over the Marion Bridge for a game at West Salem.  The Titans will provide a slightly different, but equally tough challenge for the Foxes (6-0) who look to remain perfect on the season.

“Coach talked about it right after we got into the locker room, it’s all about adjusting,” Semerikov said.  “South is run-and-gun, they play fast.  West, they’re bigger.  They stop, they slow down and they get into the post.

“So, it’s all about adjusting defensively and offensively.  At the end of the day, we just got to play our roles.”

Semerikov scored a game-high 20 points and Jordan McCarty added another 13 with four Foxes scoring in double-figures.  Jasper Phipps contributed 16 points and Greg Comer added another 14.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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