McNary Lands Seven On First Team

By Jeremy McDonald

In the unique season that was, McNary fielded seven softball players on the first-team as the Celtics went 16-2 on the year. South Salem, West Salem and Sprague also fielded first teamers on the MVC Salem-based Softball League Honors.

Salem Area All League Selections

First Team:


Rowan Thompson – South Salem

Aliyah Wilsey – West Salem

Lacey Vasas – McNary


Reagan Davis – West Salem

Heather Ebner – McNary


Carley Schlag – Sprague

Abbi Covalt – McNary

Kate Ronning – McNary

Ali Martinez – McNary

Desi Hatfield – South Salem

Naomi Galanti – South Salem

Mia Zachary – West Salem

Allayna Broadway – West Salem

Sprague’s Carley Schlag was named to the first-team as a Junior (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Kayelee Schwab – McNary

Taylor Ebbs – McNary

Alivia Benavidez – South Salem

Brooklyn Corliss – West Salem

Talia Perez – West Salem

Second Team:


Sophia Honse – Sprague


Callie Stubbs – Sprague


Summer Domrude – Sprague

Hayley McCuistion – Sprague

Kayden Custer – McNary

Emma Cordero – South

Shelby Chapman – West Salem

Maison Searle – West Salem

West Salem’s Maison Searle looking on against South Salem on May 12 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Olivia Borzy – Sprague

Shaylee Custer – McNary

Tianna Perez – West Salem

Honorable Mention:

Ali Ginsbach – Sprague

Megan Smith – Sprague

Jocelyn Duran – McKay

Maya Cradduck – McKay

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