In Search Of History

By Jeremy mcDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  McKay’s Jazmine Liebl came off the starting line at a blazing pace of the 1,500-meter race.  

The Senior has been on pace like this all season, flirting with Janelle Everetts record in the event.  Coming within 0.7 of breaking it two weeks ago against North Salem pointed out Head Coach Curt Everetts and has been within roughly four seconds of the record in her other races as she came out strongly Monday.

“Honestly, in my head I know that I can,” Liebl said of her goal.  “I felt alright (today).  My head was in it, obviously my hips have been bothering me so I try not to let that get in the way.  I felt like I did pretty fine. 

The grueling task for many distance runners like Liebl this year was going from the 5K (3.11 miles) and all the training that goes into running in Cross Country, and jumping right into going a 1,500-meter or 3,000-meter race.  The product of having Fall and Spring sports back-to-back and no rest time in between.

McKay’s Jazmine Liebl (far left) leads the pack of from the starting line Monday afternoon for the 1,500-meter race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But nonetheless, Liebl settled in.  Battling through the pain and separating herself from the field. Knowing that she’s been doing all the right things to prep herself for race day every week.

“Mentally I’ve been doing really well,” Liebl said on the challenge.  “Before every race I try not to think about it so I can perform well.”

Second lap was strong, as was the start of the third.  But then fatigue set in as she went out for the final lap.  Her pace slowed, but still finished the race at a blazing 4:54.99.  Three seconds off her PR and still spitting distance of her goal of wanting to break the school record in the 1,500-meter race.

“Just focus on my mentality and how I’m going to pace myself.  I have a tendency to go really fast and then die in the second or third lap.  I get really excited (at the start),” Libel said.  “Maybe writing down some positive things, like post-its motivating myself that I’m capable of pushing through the pain.”

Sprague brought home 11 event wins Monday. Winning six on the boys side and five on the girls side (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

 Teammate Kaydence Ngyuen finished second in a PR-feat of 5:07.32 and had won the 800-meters in 2:29.62.  McKay’s Bryan Arellano won the 100 (11.64) and 200-meter races (23.71) in PR fashion as well as Long Jump (20-feet-10-inch PR) against Sprague.

The Olympians Madison Downey won the 100-meter (13.51) and 200-meter dashes (27.72) as well as Triple Jump (31-feet-5.5-inches) in PR fashion.  Mercy Siro won the Shot Put (31-feet-6-inches), Discus (95-feet-4-inches) and Javelin (86-feet-1-inch PR).

Sprague’s Sylvio Letey-Moore won the shot put (46-feet-9-inches) and was second in the discus (125-feet-10-inch PR).  Battling with the Scots Brian Coburn who won the discus (129-feet-5-inches) and was second in the shot put (44-feet-7-inches). McKay Senior Brandon Reaves won the Boys Pole Vault at 12-feet and nearly cleared 12-feet-6-inches and Sprague’s Carter Cook won the High Jump at six-feet-four-inches.

McKay won the boys team scores 75-66 as well as the Women’s 82-58 at the Varsity level Monday afternoon for Senior Day.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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