Silverton Improves To 3-3 With Win Over Dallas

By Jeremy McDonald


DALLAS, Ore.–  Silverton found ways to get it done Monday night on the road in Dallas in their 25-13, 25-17, 23-25, 25-20 win on the road.

Both teams are young, having five combined seniors amongst their two rosters and had freshman playing significant time as they both had battled for the win.

“I think we got the momentum back (after the first set) and then I think we got frazzled.  We kept trying to get it back and we either lose it or we keep it and keep it going,” said Dragon freshman Grace Hannan.  “It teaches us that we need to keep it going and push through it and we need to leave it all out on the floor.”

“It was a really good game just get out there and play hard, being able to swing hard and not being afraid of trying something new,” adds Silverton Junior Leah Twede.  “It was really good for us too to get out there and play well together.  This match taught us that we can battle back after a hard set.”

Dallas’ Ruby Earhart going up for the ball in Monday night’s game with Silverton (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

After opening up the night with a strong showing, the Foxes had to battle back from a 6-1 deficit to Dallas.  The Dragons showing once more they weren’t going to back down without a fight after coming out slow against Silverton.

The Foxes however would answer the 6-1 run by Dallas with a 15-s rally of their own.  Setting the pace for the remainder of the set before Dallas settled in and extended the match with a solid push at the end of the third set to steal the set from Silverton.

“It was good to push and get back into that third set, we should have pushed a little bit more to finish it.  That was great to push and get that win.  Our hard work paid off,” Hannah said.

The youngins in Hannah, Olivia Hale, and Hannah Callaway worked well with Kaitlyn Van Well and Ruby Earhart to stay with the Foxes following their first set defeat.  The core across the way with the likes of  Twede, Alexis Haury and Rowan Reilly however proved just enough to avoid the match to go to a decisive fifth-set on this night.

Silverton’s Rowan Reilly was one of the common faces of attack for the Foxes, along with Leah Twede (12, left) in Silverton’s four-set road victory (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Staying the pace and within themselves to pull off their third victory of the season, improving to 3-3 on the year.

“I think what we did this time was we kept our defense up.  We had good passes and we were really energetic and stayed energetic.  We kept everyone up and we didn’t get into our heads and I thought that was really good of us,” Reilly said. “Yeah, we did stoop down a little bit, I thought we did well just keep going.

“We just wanted to finish it and I think staying together as a team, getting those good passes and good connections is what got us there and staying out of our heads and stuff.”

The Dragons fall to 1-4 on the year as they travel to Salem Wednesday to play McKay. Silverton is also in Salem Wednesday when they play Sprague.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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