Coming Together

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  Audrey Histed brings a sense of experience when she made the move from 1A Crosshill Christian to 4A Cascade this season as a Junior.  Turning the St. Paul’s and Perrydale’s in for the Sweet Home’s, Sisters’ and Philomath’s of the Oregon West Conference.

“St. Paul was probably the best experience  for us to have, it made us so much better.  They’re a great team.  They’re State Champions,” Histed said. “Perrydale was definitely our rival for sure, but I think we played really well against them, it was kind of a back-and-forth-type of thing and it definitely took my skill to the next level because they’re tough for sure.”

The Buckaroos were back-to-back 1A State Champions after dropping down from 2A.  The Pirates of Perrydale finished fourth and sixth in 1A respectively while the Histed and the Eagles reached the final site twice, finishing sixth her freshman year as Histed adjusted to the higher classification.

“(Sweet Home, Sisters and Philomath) are definitely a step up, but at the same time there’s similar traits going from 1A to 4A.  Just because of the population level, doesn’t mean the skill level is lower.  St. Paul could definitely play at a higher-level for sure,” said Histed.

Histed joined freshman Jaydn Daviscourt, Annabelle Peterson and Bella Oliver as well as sophomore transfer Lucretia Benolken.  Benolken comes in from 2A Santiam as they all try to blend in with the Emma Gates, Kenna Coleman’s and Mackenzie Dysinger’s that have been with the program the past few years.

Five games into the season, the mixture of new and returning faces of the Cascade Volleyball have the Cougars sit 2-3 on the season. The squad will return all but one in the Fall this year (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Considering that our first game I think we had five practices all together, I feel like we’re exceeding a lot more than we’ve ever expected.  Not like we’ve gone on a winning streak or anything like that, but we’ve really became a family in a short amount of time and I think we have something special,” Benolken said.

“This team is doing great so far, we have three new freshmen and two transfers including myself.  It’s practically a brand-new team and with the way we played last night really shows who we are in the last few sets because we have so much potential.  We have so much growing to do.  I feel like the connection on the team is the thing that is growing and can still continue to grow the more that we bond,” adds Histed.

The Cougars on Tuesday were coming off a four-set win over Woodburn Monday and sit at 2-3 on the year with the Warriors coming to town Thursday before Cascade goes to Sisters to play the Outlaws as well as 6A’s Summit High School on Monday.  Working on the little things Tuesday and Wednesday leading into their next few games ahead.

“It’s just (the) technical (stuff) in the game, I feel like outside of the game we have.  We have it on.  It’s just in-the-game repetition and all that, that’s what we need to improve on,” Benolken said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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