Tigers Roar To Life Against Cavs

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Blanchet Catholic came out swinging in the opening half of their game against Yamhill-Carlton Thursday night at home.  Catching the Tigers in a bus-ridden lull as Logan Day opened the game with the first of his two scores.

The offensive line, the bruising backs of Day, Kyle Fromwiller and Caden Duch all combined for 216 yards on 34 carries, keeping the Cavaliers close to their Yamhill-Carlton counterparts down 13-12 late in the first half and marching.

“That opening drive was amazing.  I had high hopes,” smiled Fromwiller.  “We were predicted to lose 0-42  by Oregon 3A Predict.  To start off the game (like that) felt really good.”

“That first half we came out really slow.  We came off the bus slow, coming into that second quarter, we knew we had to turn it up,” added the Tigers Mikel Rivas.  “It was still kind of sluggish, but Quinten (Ramsey-Burress) interception right there at the end (of the half) really turned things around.  Just set the tone for the second half I think.”

Blanchet’s Logan Day punches it in for his second touchdown of the game (Video by Jeremy McDonald)

Blanchet was marching down the field behind their running attack, loading up the box with their three-headed monsters, but Yamhill-Carlton had stopped them just shy of retaking the lead.  Nursing a 13-12 lead when Ramsey-Burress came down in the endzone with the touchdown saving interception with 12 seconds remaining in the half.

Turning point it was.

Fromwiller mentioned how after the fact they needed energy; they fell flat as the game progressed like the Tigers were to start.  Turnovers hurt, penalties as well for both teams in YC’s 34-18 victory on a short-week.

Rivas came to life in the second half.  Matching Day’s production with a 15 carry 155-yard game.  Ramsey-Burress tacked on three receptions for 51 yards with his interception as the Tigers led 27-12 and led 34-12 entering the late in the game.  Looking to bridge yet another solid win into Week 3 at home versus Corbett.

“Our line has been putting in a lot of work.  We’re driving it right down the middle, passing it.  They’re the key there.  They have to do so much.  They have to stop the blitzing, keeping guys from getting to the quarterback,” said Rivas. “The line is the main part but our receivers did a great job tonight too.  Quinten especially, getting big plays.”

Yamhill-Carlton’s Quinten Ramsey-Burress’ interception was the turning point at the end of the first half to spark the Tigers for their second-half rally (Video By Jeremy McDonald)

Being more physical will be key as the Tigers said Rivas got Corbett, Warrenton and Rainier ahead.  From the line, to the backers where Rivas is at.  Containing more to the inside and not letting teams work to the outside.

“We got to do a better job, not letting people outside.  Stop the run up the middle,” said Rivas.  “Our cornerbacks did a great job not letting any balls get caught. Just internally we got to get more physical and stick it to them more.”

With the Cavs, who will have the Coastal Warriors Week 3 before Scio Week 4, this game left one of those bitter tastes.  Knowing if they had played differently, things would have looked different than they did down the stretch there in Thursday’s game. 

Luke Holland would score the final touchdown of the game with 4:25 left in the contest off a 34-yard reception from Spencer Kowalski to bring Blanchet to within two scores at 34-18.

“This was a huge, huge motivator.  Next week we’re playing an opponent that’s arguably way better than (YC) are, we don’t want to lose again.  We’ve lost twice and we don’t want to lose a third time,” Day said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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