Stayton Takes Gritty Win Over Scio

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.– Staying calm, cool and collected was a crucial component Wednesday night as much as the performance was for both Stayton and Scio in the Eagles 25-22, 25-22, 25-11 sweep of the Loggers at Scio High School.

Communication and staying in the moment were big.  One team would jump out, Scio jumping out to a 16-12 first set lead and Stayton did the same with a 10-6 lead in the second set, but the other would chip away at the deficit.  Drawing the other in, creating a foot-race to who will get the set win.

It brought out the toughness of each team.  The grit as both squads is squeezing in a combined seven games in four days this week alone amongst the two teams.  Beyond this particular game, Scio played their fourth game Thursday against Harrisburg and the Eagles will be playing their third Thursday against Estacada.

Creating a sense of team work and team chemistry together through the battles they are having on the court.

Scio’s McKenna Ramsey (4) and Alexus Franklin (7) talking in between plays during Wednesday’s game against Stayton. The Loggers will play their fourth game in four days Thursday when they host Harrisburg. (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Tonight, I thought we were working really well together and though we didn’t win, we had some amazing play and we had a ton of fun tonight.  It was a really fun game,” Scio’s McKenna Ramsey said.  “It made me realize how much everyone wants to win and wants to improve.  It’s just been amazing playing with them.

“Even when we lose, we just want to keep climbing back up and we never stop fighting.  That’s why I love this team and my coaches because we never want to stop fighting.”

Ramsey was a part of the charge with three kills and three aces, on the other side of the court, the Stayton’s Carly-Rose Lederer was the workhorse for the Eagles.  With 13 kills, the Eagles Senior helped set Stayton up for success to eek out the opening two sets in favor of the Traveling Stayton squad.

“It did get a little scrambled is what I would say, but the thing that got us through it was we took a deep breath and slowed the game down.  That helps a lot,” Lederer said of the opening two sets.

Stayton’s Carly-Rose Lederer (6) delievering the ball to the other side of the net as Stayton picked up their third-straight victory Wednesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The third set was, depending on the side you were on, great or not-so-great.  But regardless, it’s something to build from.

Behind their serving game, the Eagles put the Loggers in a tough spot to rally back from.  Leading 19-9 at one point of the final set as both teams prepare for their final game of the week Thursday evening.

“What really helped us going on a serving run was keeping the ball up after it got back to our side,” said Lederer as Stayton improved to 3-1 on the year. “We got to come out loud and proud (Thursday) because when we’re loud, we’re ourselves and it helps a lot.”

“Hopefully tomorrow we’ll combine our losses and our good plays and hopefully win tomorrow.  But I think everything is still coming together and hopefully we’ll win our game and from now on,” adds Ramsey, as Scio falls to 2-3.  “I thought our communication was really good tonight.  I thought the attitude affected us greatly as a team.  The main good thing that happened tonight was our communication.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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