Sheridan Wins Mother-Daughter Battle

By Jeremy McDonald

SHERIDAN, Ore.– It’s been a long time coming for Sheridan’s Dana Dickey-Greene in defeating her mother Denise Dickey on the volleyball court.  The elder Dickey, who’s now coaching at Perrydale, has had her daughters number through their numerous encounters during the Summer League circuit since Dickey-Greene took over the Varsity Head Coaching job four years ago.

On Monday night however, it was the kid who had gotten one past the seasoned veteran.  In straight sets of 25-19, 25-20, 25-18 for Sheridan’s first win of the season at home.

“It was fun.  In the past we’ve done a summer league game before, but we haven’t had a real game like this before and so it was fun to have that friendly competition going on.  In the summer league before they’ve taken us so it feels good to get kind of a comeback,” laughed Dickey-Greene.

“It was fun, I’m sure my daughter is happy she finally got to beat me because in Summer league we would always beat them,” Dickey said of Dickey-Greene.

The game started as if Dickey-Greene’s Sheridan squad would have to climb out of a game down match faced with a five-point deficit in the opening set. 

Sheridan’s Emily Rech (7) guiding the ball over the net as Perrydale’s Cody Lawrence (1) jumps up to attempt to block it (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Both programs have been stout.  Perrydale reached the 1A Final site the past two years and their young team looked to build for the Fall for another run at Redmond.  The Spartans, in the tough Tri-River Conference that has Kennedy, Culver and cross-town rivals Delphian to compete with on a frequent basis since joining 2A three years ago.

And slowly, Sheridan began to show the weakness of the youth in front of them.  Rallying back into the set before finishing off the set.  The Spartans built off of that first set, using their serves for a 9-0 run and challenging the Pirates to field the ball cleanly.

“It was nice.  It felt nice, felt good.  We should definitely learn from this game, our receiving and (we were) talking a lot.  Communicating as a team, communicating more and being aggressive moving on from this game,” said Haley Ayala.

Sheridan will be at Colton Wednesday evening, pulling away a 12-12, 13-13 tied game to finish off a 25-18 third set victory to complete the home sweep to break even on the season at 1-1.

Sheridan’s Dana Dickey-Greene looking on as her Spartans swept Perrydale Monday evening at home (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

It’s weird to think about at the 1A level, a deep bench.  But for a team like Perrydale, they were fortunate enough to have that in the past to help on working on the little things in practice through scrimmages. 

With a short-bench this year with Dickey knows there’s only so much simulation she’s able to do in practice on a regular basis before game day.

“The speed of the game, we don’t get that in practice and so these are our good practices for us to learn for next year…they’ll be able to jump in and start doing these things,” said Dickey. “In the past I had a deep bench and so we were able to do a lot of good scrimmages.  So right now, we’re depending on our matches to get our good practices in.

“It’s the little things they don’t realize, like in practice I say, ‘hey do this’ or ‘do that’ and until we’re in a situation like this, they don’t realize how important those little things are.  And that’s what Volleyball comes down to are the little things.”

For the Pirates, it’s a quicker turnaround compared to their Sheridan counterparts as they’ll head to play Willamette Valley Christian in Brooke Tuesday night in a return to Casco League play.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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