Living In The Moment

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.—Amity will be going into next week’s game against Dayton with five Seniors on their roster.

The quintet of Josh Wart, Kennan Graham, George Hatch, Nick McMullen and Ashton Pappas has seen a lot of curveballs thrown their way their Senior Year with what has been going on around them.  Mask wearing.  Pandemic.  Uncertainty of even having regular football in any fashion to go with having a season.

But here the five were Wednesday evening wrapping up practice in the mud pit that one of the linemen even joked about.  ‘I love my mud pit’ the lineman said after a play about the chewed-up ground in front of him.

“It brings back to my peewee days where we’re all playing in the mud, it feels nice to bring it full-circle,” said Hatch, who was taking reps at QB on the scout offense Monday.

It’s been a ride.  A journey Wart referenced.  Going from freshman all the way to where they are at as Seniors.

Amity working through an offensive play Thursday evening towards the end of practice. The Warriors are schedule to start the season March 5 at Dayton (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

And though this year will be unique.  Strange enough without fans in the stands, they’ll have a good time when it’s time to play.

“It’s been a ride; it’s been a journey.  It’s a learning experience, it’s been kind of awkward going through the years being the underdog, then the middle class and now top of the line Senior-kind of thing this year.  It’s always been a good time.  We always joke around in the locker, getting prepared for games on the field,” said Wart.  “It’s going to be a little bit different without fans but we’ll play and have fun.”

After losing eight seniors from a relatively young squad the year before, this shortened season will help the young offensive line in adjusting to the demands of the Varsity level and that of the Wing-T lifestyle of the Warriors.

“It’ll give them a taste of how Varsity football is and how physical it is and how much different it is from JV.  It’s a big jump honestly.  They’ll do it, but it’s good for them to get more physical and they’ll be 100-percent for next year,” Graham said.

Next Friday has been a long time coming.  March 5.  First game of the year.  And it’s the rival.

Wart and the Amity Five are looking to finish their careers in the Blue and White strongly after the squad went 8-3 in 2019 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Dayton.  7pm.  In Dayton.

“It’s going to be good.  We all have familiar faces; it’s going to be nice to play.  I’m going to be looking forward to actually getting a game in,” Wart said.  “It’s going to be fun, I’m excited.  Hopefully get out of the mud and play on some turf, but I think it’s going to be a good game.”

And though it’s a short-season.  The uncertainty of the next day, Graham referencing even just a week or two ago how quickly it went from 7-on-7 to full-contact, it’s a matter of enjoying the day at hand and enjoying the moment.

“It’s…you think you’re going to do this and it changes all of a sudden and you just have to be prepared and be ready to deal with the changes and be ready to live in the moment,” Graham said.

“We just got to go out, play as hard as we can and give it our all.  It’s our last year, we don’t know what we can do.  We, definitely, are going to try our best and give it our all,” adds Hatch.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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