Regis’ Voltin Signs With Oregon State

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  Regis Head Coach Jeff Wiltsey got a bit choked up speaking Friday afternoon. 

Tyler Voltin is a special breed.  Simple as that.  You could make an argument that his picture could be next to what a leader looks like by the way he carries himself, the decisions he makes and how he helps his coaches and teammates along the way. 

A student of the game Wiltsey described Voltin, pointing towards helping out in a drill whenever an extra voice needs to be as he’s been a cornerstone for not just football, but basketball and baseball through his four years.

“He’s meant so much to each program and each sport.  I’ve watched him in baseball games, I’ve watched him in basketball games and obviously football games,” Wiltsey.  “He’s been a cornerstone for all three programs for four-years, he’s meant so much to this school, his classmates, his coaches, his teammates.

“He just leads.  He doesn’t just lead by the talks; he really walks the walk.  He works hard.  He sometimes makes decisions that are unpopular, he’ll go against the grain and that’s hard for a kid at his age and he’ll always do the right thing all the time.”

Call it all a master of design, but it was something the six-foot-four-inch, 300-pound offensive lineman always wanted to do.  To leave his mark beyond his physical and athletic gifts as a multi-sport athlete.  Knowing the hard work and sacrifice to get to Friday’s signing to be able to call himself a Division-1 athlete as a Preferred Walk-On at Oregon State University.

Voltin (seated, center) flashes a smile with his family after signing his Letter of Intent Friday afternoon in Stayton (Picture by Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s just been a lot just to be here.  That was just my whole goal is to leave something behind for the younger guys and to let them know they can do this.  I wanted to take that role (as a leader),” Voltin said.  “It’s an everyday-type of mindset and it’s something you got to let the younger guys know, along with tradition.

“Regis has a strong tradition and I want to try to carry that on to the younger guys.  Make sure they know that when I’m gone, to carry on that tradition.  But yeah, it’s a tough mindset.  You have to have a tough mindset.  Getting everyone younger than me, getting them inspired and stuff like that to have that tough mindset.”

The biggest thing the Rams Senior mentioned was that it comes down to discipline.  Discipline to getting up early to workout, staying ready for whatever is ahead.  You could have football today, and it wouldn’t be there tomorrow Voltin said, staying hungry in the meantime.

And with their first game in two weeks, just because he’s signed and delivered the Letter of Intent to Head Coach Jonathan Smith and his Beaver coaching staff in Corvallis, Voltin isn’t going to change what he’s known for.  Continuing to be that leader for his team, coaches and community.

“Especially for the younger guys.  Making sure they’re ready for the games and just competing everyday at practice.  It’s just been a great atmosphere so far, it’s feeling like it’s going back to normal,” Voltin said.  “So, having these five games will be nice going forward and having more football experience.

“Staying disciplined.  Staying disciplined with all the things I can, just having that mindset.  Whether or not it’s waking up early to go workout, watching film every day.  It has to be a mindset and have that ‘I got to get better every day’ attitude.  From here until the Fall, I hope to carry that on with football and the rest of the workouts and all that stuff, it’s going to be pretty special.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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