Battling The Elements

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.–  They always say, it’s what you’re doing when they’re not watching is what makes you better.

Saturday’s workout for GymClub and the teams of Island Boy Camp had brought some adversity with it with the elements.  The wind, the chill, the heavy drizzle that challenged the IBC teams and the traveling North Salem team that came up to scrimmage with the IBC’s Varsity squad in GymClub for an hour.

“It’s nice.  Anything to do to practice honestly because with the uncertainty of the season, whatever we can get.  I don’t care about the weather,” said McNary’s Jack McCarty.  “It’s super fun especially since we’re going to be playing against them in the season.  We might be playing 7-on, so it was definitely good.”

“It was fun, coming out here with my teammates.  Getting the experience going up against better guys,” adds the Vikings TC Manumaleuna II. “It makes us better as a team and as a whole we’ll get better when we play better teams and know we can compete against better teams.”

North Salem (left) and IBC’s GymClub (right) battled it out in a scrimmage Saturday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For the Vikings, playing as the Viking Football Club, have been spending the past few weeks since after the Holiday break going up against the travel football squad.  Improving and working in hopes of some kind of 7-on-7 season or full-contact season that will come of this Spring for them.

“Just working as a team and making sure practice is good, working together and that’s about it,” smiled Manumaleuna.

And as they hope for something to happen for their school ball season, GymClub still is preparing for their trip to Nevada for a 7-on-7 tournament here in two weeks.  Fine tuning and preparing to perform.

“We’ve been practicing every weekend (with GymClub), so it’s nice to get out here.  With McNary, we’re only doing Tuesday and Thursday so having both days of the weekend with 7-on is nice,” said McCarty.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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