Scrappy Kanoff Commits To Linfield

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.– Sometimes it’s not the size of the dog, but the fight that’s in it.

Cascade’s David Kanoff isn’t built like Elijah Nolan in the defensive backfield, or may not have the strength of an Ethan Coffey carrying the rock.  But he’s certainly as scrappy as scrappy can get out on the corners of the gridiron.

“I use that to my advantage. I’ve always been overlooked for my size and that causes me to prove myself and fight harder. Everyone has weaknesses and I find that in film to beat my opponent no matter who it is,” said the five-nine defensive back.  “Just being a field general and communicating with others so we can play to the best of our ability.

“Just keep showing up, putting in the work every day physically mentally. And hardcore study the opponent. Just being a Cascade football player has all that it takes.”

Fighting those little voices inside your head is what Head Coach Brandon Bennett has always told them as a team.  It’s been an honor to play in the community like the one they’re in out in Turner for Cascade as Kanoff prepares for the next chapter of his life in joining Linfield University (formerly Linfield College) on their football team.

Kanoff delivering a pass during practice during his Junior Year in 2019 with Cascade (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Just being in that community is an honor to be in. Playing under coach Bennett for the last 4 years has made me the man I am today,” Kanoff said of Cascade.  “Couldn’t have done anything without Bennett in my life. Being a cascade football player doesn’t just make you a player it makes you a man.”

The Cougars went 7-2 in 2019, losing a tough battle with Baker in the first round of the 4A playoffs on November 9, 2019.  The Wildcats, a NCAA Division-III program, went 8-2 in 2019 before falling in a 68-65 shootout with Chapman in California in the first round of the D-III postseason to close out their 64th-straight winning season up in McMinnville.

And though there’s uncertainty if they, at Cascade, will have a season before Kanoff goes off to Linfield, the Cougs Senior is staying mentally into it in case there is a game between now and Summer Camp.

“Just continue to get better and do the best I can through these tough times. There definitely have been a lot more negatives for me then positives through this pandemic. However, that has just caused me to want to get better and work on my body to get bigger and better every day,” Kanoff said.

“It’s sad thinking about what could happen for senior year. I mean obviously everyone says playing under the Friday night lights, but I take it further than that. It’s about bonding and connecting together as a team. “The little things”. Doing things together just makes everything a lot more fun playing football at cascade with my brothers.”

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