Nease The Pitcher

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–For a pitcher, it’s these moments that you strive for with all the eyes on you.  McNary Senior Aaron Nease went to the Lone Star State of Texas to participate in the Baseball Factory Preseason All-America Event as a Pitcher Only out in Cypress, Texas.

Having shown his athleticism on the diamond all-over as an athlete from a Catcher to infield and outfield, hitting even, Nease was able to put his talents front-and-center this past weekend during the two-day showcase.

“It was a really cool event and a lot of guys were committed to D-1 (schools) . The opposing pitcher in our first game was going to Texas A&M so the competition level was pretty good,” Nease said.  “it was a pretty cool event with a lot of college scouts and MLB scouts there.”

Nease pitched three innings at the showcase, striking out five and not giving up a run.  His fast-ball was on, topping 88 miles-per-hour.  His Raw Velocity touched 89 according to the Baseball Factory website.

His off-speed pitches can continue to improve.  His curveball worked really well, and was biting really good, Nease pointed.  The change-up however, could be worked on as a third pitch as Nease stuck mainly to his curve and fastball.

Nease receiving a ball from the dugout at the College of Idaho during the Valley Burner in June, 2020 in Idaho as a member of the Stayton Bandits (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Just throw it more while playing catch to work on the spin,” Nease said of his curve.  “I would say work on my off-speed pitches even more and develop my change-up to use as a good first pitch to start batters off now that my velo is pretty good.”

And as Nease returns to Oregon Tuesday, waiting for one more season to showcase his ability this time at the 6A level coming over from 3A’s Blanchet Catholic when he joins McNary.  Reflecting on the time spent in Texas in being able to be a part of a National event like that put on by the Baseball Factory.

“I liked the competition and it was good to finally see my hard work show by competing with everyone there and not giving up and hits or runs to some really good ball players,” Nease said.


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