The Grizzly Veteran And The Young Arm

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.—Wednesday was just another day in the office for the trio of Kaden Martirano, Chase Dominguez and Jaxon Rozewski as they trained with Brendin Quinn in Keizer.

It was finally a nice day in Northern Oregon as Rozewski, the grizzly veteran of the three, enters his Senior year at 2A Toledo and had made the roughly an hour-forty, making the drive inland to get some valuable reps in.

 “There’s not a lot where I’m from so this is the next best thing.  This is great, everything about it, it’s worth the travel and I’m just going to keep doing it,” said the six-foot-six-inch Rozewski.  “It’s awesome…it’s nice just to show these guys that with hard work, you can do anything you put your mind to it no matter where you’re from.”

The Boomers went 8-3 Rozewski’s Junior year, reaching the 2A State Quarterfinals before falling to Monroe at Monroe November 16, 2019.

Rozewski has taken part in the Northwest 9, the National Prep Showcase in Eugene and a lot of little camps in between, just looking for those opportunities to get noticed from the town 12 minutes to the East of Newport.  Appreciating the time, he’s able to get out to show off his arm and quarterbacking abilities to the masses.

Toledo’s Rozewski delivering a pass coming out of the speed latter during Wednesday’s workout Wednesday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Just trying to get to all of them.  The 7-on-7 tournaments, whatever I could get into I’m going to be there,” starts Rozewski.  “I’ve improved, my whole team improved.  Just keep showing up and work with all of my guys and have fun.

“(This time) shows how much you take things for granted.  You think you’re going to have all four-years and the next thing you know, the next day you’re told you may not be able to have your Senior Season or whatever it might be.  So, it goes to show you got to make the most of everything given because nothing is guaranteed.”

Rozewski’s younger counterparts in the eighth-grader Martirano and the seventh-grader in Dominguez, the Salem-based duo have been in their own work too as the trio went through footwork and pocket presence drills to start their workout Wednesday afternoon.  Martirano had been playing up with MVP’s freshman team and getting some reps against some High School talent he’s going to see next year with the Titans of West Salem.

“It has helped me a lot.  The reads and against better competition, it has helped my IQ at a way more (higher) level than I would have been doing than if I’d been doing it in eighth grade,” Martirano said.

Martirano working through his progression in the pocket presence drill (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For Martirano, to enter a program that has recently seen Simon Thompson and Jackson Lowery starting at quarterback with Brooks Ferguson in the wings as a Junior looking to take over as a Senior next year is pretty exciting to see how he can compete at that level.

 “I’m stoked, I’m really happy about the competition I’m going to have up there going in there as a freshman and trying to make JV.  I’m stoked, it’s going to be fun,” said Martirano.

As for seeing a fellow Salem quarterback in Dominguez putting in work like he is before entering North Salem here in two years, Martirano is excited to know the area is going to have some solid arms coming up through the ranks.

“Oh it’s amazing.  Just competing against each other with everyone, it’s really fun.  It makes everyone better,” “I can’t wait for us to compete when we’re at the higher level

Photos By Jeremy McDonald)

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