The Two Amigos

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–  The friendship between Gervais’ Auggie Guido and Brian Limage is described as a brotherhood between the two Cougar Seniors.

“He is my brother no matter what I got his back,” Guido said.

“Auggie is like my brother. I’m older so my little brother,” joke Limage, who is two months older than Guido.  “But our friendship is tight I got his back and he has mine on and off the court or field so it helps with our chemistry on the court.”

Both have seen a lot through the first three years at Gervais.  Winless basketball season to almost break into the league playoffs the next.  Hot 2-0 start in football as Juniors last season and driven to hopefully leave their marks on the field of play one last time under a familiar voice in JJ Navarette.  Passionate about the games that they both love.

For Limage, who went to 2A Track State as a sophomore where he finished third in the 400-meter dash, struggled to find the words to describe his drive.  But instead let that drive do the talking for him on the track and on the basketball court.

Limage coming around the final turn of the 400 meter dash in 2019 at Kennedy High School. Limage would finish third in 2A in the race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“My passion for sports is something I can’t describe I love playing basketball I’ve been playing for a long time and is a sport I want to continue playing and track I show my passion by winning every race and continuing it after high school,” Limage said.

Guido points to his dad saying to not do anything half-heartedly.  His passion has gotten him through some rough times as he spent time in the rain putting up shots for basketball, working on hand-placement for blocking in football as well as working on getting out of his stance for football.

Known for his goofiness as well, Guido is always looking for a way to leave a smile on people’s faces in the community he’s called home since the fifth-grade.

“I just like putting smiles on people’s faces. I don’t know if they’re having a bad day or something or what is going on in their life so I just try to make them feel better about themselves. Gervais is everything to me. I came here when I was in the 5th grade and it’s been fun no one here is never really left out we’re like family here and it’s my home,” Guido said.

To play in a small community like a Gervais, who dropped down from 3A to 2A three years ago, means a better opportunity to put on the Varsity jersey and represent your town from your freshman year until graduation.

Guido lining up in his Tight End stance during a 7-on-7 practice for Gervais in the Fall. The Cougars played as the ‘G-Town Cougars’ in the Oregon 7’s 7-on-7 league (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It means a lot because we are a smaller school you wouldn’t have the same opportunities at a bigger school like be a swinger on varsity your freshman or getting to play varsity for 4 years so it definitely went a lot for me,” said Limage.  “As an athlete I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and smarter from freshman year to now.

“My coaches have really helped me bring my sports IQ to a new level which helped me understand the game better and slow it down.”

And with the Pandemic putting a damper on their Senior Year, the little things like 7-on-7 and the ‘Be The Light’ weekly events has made the year a little bit more manageable as they wait to see if they’ll have a season or not this Spring.

Giving guys like the Two Amigos some sense of normalcy and optimism for a Senior Season and one last ride in a Gervais uniform.

“7-on-7 was a break and it was great cause we got to play and if that’s the only thing I get for football so be it. The ‘Be The Light’ was something I told (Head Basketball) coach Ben (Schultz) we should do because I really felt bad for those seniors who didn’t get to do their last sport and finish their senior year so I’m glad we did that,” said Guido.

“Just to get out there and play gives me hope and motivation to play with absolute everything this year and I am very excited.”

If everything goes according to plan, Football will start up at the start of February for Limage, Guido and the Cougs with Spring sports to follow and Winter sports to wrap up their time as Gervais student-athletes with high expectations for basketball especially.

“For basketball building off our season last year from being 2 games away from playoffs, winning more games and hopefully go to league playoffs,” Limage said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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