Staying Active Through The Craziness

By Jeremy McDonald

SILVERTON, Ore.–  For Silverton’s Jacob Moore, who along with Bella Moore, Mitch Magill, Cody Magill, Steven Powell and 2019-Grad Austin Moore, went up to the Santiam Canyon to lend a helping hand to the cause in helping those in need.  Cutting, loading up and delivering three-and-a-half cords worth of wood to the Idanha City Church in Idanha this past Saturday morning and afternoon.

Seeing the aftermath of the fires had broken Moore’s heart as he and the rest of the Silverton six made the delivery.

“It felt good. It broke my heart to drive through the canyon and see that the only proof of homes were only the chimneys left standing. So, helping them made it a lot more meaningful,” said Moore.

It was just part of some of things that Moore has done since the Coronavirus started in March on the heels of Moore going 2-2 in the 5A State Wrestling Championships at 113 pounds.  Since everything started to open up the first time in May going into the Summer, Moore has taken part in five tournaments, starting at 132 pounds before reducing his weight to 126 pounds and has been wrestling there since.

Moore and several other members from the Silverton community helped lend a hand to the Santiam Canyon by cutting and delivering wood to the Idanha Community Church this past weekend (Picture Provided By Ericson Moore)

It was a mental game cutting the weight as there is no training partner, no team to hold you accountable and go through the grind of it all with you.  All by yourself.

But the end result was all worth it.

“Cutting weight was kind of difficult because when you don’t travel with a team you don’t have someone to warm up with or even cut weight with,” Moore said.  “It’s hard to hold yourself accountable when you see that you are the only one in the hotel fitness room, trying to cut off those last few pounds, and have no one to push you or compete with.

“I for one like road trips so I enjoyed the traveling part of the trips but every time it seemed like the last few hours kept going on forever. It was all worth it in the end because no matter what, win or lose, I always had fun and made some memories to come home with.”

Moore interacting with his opposition, looking for a clean opportunity to score back in October (Photo Provided By Ericson Moore)

Traveling in college will be a big deal, and Moore hopes that the past few months have prepared him for the possibility of wrestling at the next level of the collegiately level.  And with numerous athletes involved that gave the lower weight mastermind in Moore numerous opportunities to get those valuable reps.

“These tournaments have really opened my eyes on a ton of stuff I can improve on. That’s the gift of going to regional and national tournaments,” Moore starts.

One area he mentioned that he could improve on is continuing to keep his cool in the big moments as he awaits for his Senior Year to kick off in May with the Foxes.

“Some things that have worked for me during these tournaments are keeping a cool head. A lot of people can be star struck by the big arenas and lights and even the well-known wrestlers that show up to compete but staying composed can really help with all of that,” Moore said.  “Most importantly what’s worked for me is being grateful and trying to keep a smile. It’s amazing that they can keep these tournaments going and I’m super grateful for the opportunity to go to them. 

“It was very important to stay composed throughout the big tournaments because the energy in those places wasn’t like your average dual meet or practice. People were ready and carried themselves with confidence. It was key to do the same.”

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