Minor Victories And Having Fun

By Jeremy McDonald jeremymcdonald73@gmail.com PERRYDALE, Ore.–  In the world of 2020, you got to make do with what you are dealt with. Nonetheless, Monday afternoon at 4pm and on the football field at Perrydale High School with their mask on, the Pirates Volleyball team were making do with the hand their dealt with amongst the…

Mr. Clutch

By Jeremy McDonald jeremymcdonald73@gmail.com SALEM, Ore.– Throughout the Fall, it seemed as if McNary’s Jack McCarty had that ‘Clutch’-factor.  That ‘Joe Cool’, Mamba Mentality-approach to these 7-on-7 tournaments. Yes, it’s 7-on.  You don’t get 250-, 300-pound lineman flying around you, but you still have to work through that pass coverage progression against a four-second clock….