Kievit In The Lab

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– It’s the line where the battles are won and lost.  For the Sprague Olympian offensive line during this pandemic-extended off-season, the Olys linemen edged Sunset to win the Metro Line Challenge by one point.  Winning four events in the process of collecting 64 points, one point more than the Apollos earlier in October.

“It was great we all worked hard this off season after a rough season last year and it’s good to see it start paying off for us,” said Bryson Kievit.  “I think it will help a lot and I think that competing against the other schools top Lineman and winning is a huge confidence boost for not only the line but the whole team.”

Kievit, a second-team All-League Selection as offensive tackle as a Junior in 2019, was one of five Sprague big men to make the commute up to La Salle Prep for the love of the game. 

For Kievit, who plays both sides of the ball, doesn’t care where he lines up at.  Just as long as he’s playing the game that he loves.

“I just love the sport as long as I’m on the Field whether that be offense or defense i prefer defense but it doesn’t matter to me,” said Kievit.  “Jake (Forshey) has kept me in shape and continue to lift or condition and my coach has kept me active in the recruiting process making sure I stay in touch with coaches and keep sending film.”

Kievit (60, second from left) throws a block for Ethan Johnson (7) in 2018 against South Salem (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

A six-four, 285-pound Senior, Kievit has been in the lab improving himself.  Waiting for the opportunity to prove himself further on the field and not just with numbers on a bar or on turf. 

“Just trust in the process, your time will come “is what his coaches have been telling him as Kievit works on his technique with his strength and conditioning with him hoping and dreaming of his goal to play at the next level.

“I’ve been getting a lot of great D-Line technique from line pros like foot work, pass rush moves, stance and other Scenarios,” said Kievit.  “As for strength and conditioning training Jake Forshey is doing a great job that I’m the strongest and fastest I’ve ever been and he does a great job with our mobility and Flexibility to keep us healthy.

“Football is a huge part of my life. It’s on my mind 24/7 I’m constantly working to get better at it.”

The biggest thing moving for Kievit will be just working on his explosiveness, speed and continuing to master his technique along the line of scrimmage.

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