It’s The Hat

By Jeremy McDonald

AURORA, Ore.–  I’ve seen a lot through the last seven years, going on eight now, covering sports.

Comebacks, buzzer beaters.  Hogs charging the field at halftime of a Homecoming Game even, that one ironically happened six-years ago on October 24, 2014 in California.  The Pig nearly took me out in the process before being corralled.  But on this October 24 in 2020, another first I’m surprised never happened until now:

Someone playing with a cowboy hat on in a game.

Yes, it was Fall Softball but it’s still a competitive game and when Oregon City’s Kaylee Allen warmed up and lined up at third-base against Sabotage with the hat on.

Allen (with the hat) smiling as she goes back to the dugout before the start of the second NM Magic 16U game Saturday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The Pioneer freshman had walked into the facilities Saturday afternoon with the hat on and everyone joked that she should wear it said Co-Head Coach Neil Forste.

“Oh you just got to love it, she’s quite a character on this team.  We told her today, we told the girls today that this weekend is about fun and they’re living up to that,” said Forste.  “We saw her walk in today and ‘you got to wear that today’.  She walked in and we were like, ‘you got to wear that today’ and she was like ‘you got it’.  So she got a little strap to hold it nice and tight and you see that it doesn’t even move.”

It was their final tournament of the Fall Sports season.  The girls were dressed up with ‘M&M’ shirts on with their jersey numbers on the back.  26 games in 45 days and it was a good time to loosen it up and just have some fun.

Allen warming up to pitch the first inning of the NM Magic’s final game of the day (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Allen made a few plays from third with the hat on in the NM Magic 16U’s 5-3 victory over the Sabotage, before taking to the circle with the same hat in their pool play finale.  Making light of wearing the hat in between the games.

“I was scared because ‘what if I can’t see?’ and then I was like, ‘ah ok, it’s not that bad’,” Allen said.  “It was pretty cool because everyone was like, ‘it’s the cowboy hat.  It’s the hat’.”

Though the Magic would go on to lose the second game 5-3, they’ll have a chance to end the Fall Ball season with a Championship if they can win their next two games.  The first one starts at 2:30pm at the North Marion Varsity field with the second following, win or lose, at 4pm.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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