Closing The Gap

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  South Salem Senior Drew Gertenrich has dabble with the sport of football growing up, but it wasn’t until his Junior Year last year when he put on the pads at the High School level for the Saxons.

Playing at the Junior Varsity level to get his feet wet and adjust to the demands of the High School level.  The Senior has continued since to improve on his craft, closing the gap between him and his fellow quarterbacks in the area entering this upcoming season.

“I feel like I’m doing good, there’s definitely a big gap I got to clear but I feel like I’m coming along pretty well,” said Gertenrich.

The six-foot-two-inch quarterback was splitting time with Sprague’s Logan Smith this past Sunday for the Valley Capital 7-on-7 team, showcasing his ability to chuck a football ‘over them mountains’-power. 

Gertenrich delivering a pass during Sunday’s 7-on-7 tournament at McKay City Park (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But as the Capitals marched their way to the Semi-Final round at McKay City Park, the reps that Gertenrich was getting along with Smith’s is helping him harness that cannon into more of a practical and contained use.

“I think we did some good things and we both did some bad things, but it’s something to improve upon for next week.  I think we did pretty good today” Gertenrich said of his and Smith’s performance Sunday.  “It’s pretty good, it’s nice.  It’s nice to throw some to some quality receivers every now and again.  It’s nice.”

Gertenrich admits too that yes, that physical attributes are there.  The arm talent is there.  But he was open that his Football IQ needs working.  Rushing through his reads and progressions trying to get the ball out too soon.  Something that he can work on entering the next time he drops back to throw.

“I think I can improve on my reads, my progressions and stuff like that.  My arm talent is there but back it up in my mind, my Football IQ,” said Gertenrich. “I’m pulling the trigger too soon coming off of my progressions.  Going through my progressions from one-to-two-to-three and moving down the line instead of going to one and throwing to one right away.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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