The Up-And-Coming Setter

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.- The setter in volleyball is best described as the quarterback, the point guard, of the court. So much is demanded of them for the success of the team.

Silverton freshman Alexis Haury has already made a name for herself as a setter long before stepping foot on the High School Volleyball Court. She’s been practicing with the NPJ 18 Forefront, ranked 11th-nationally, since the fifth-grade. As an eighth-grader, Haury played on the NPJ 16 National squad, a good learning experience for the Foxes Frosh.

“See the court, see where the blockers are going and trying to get my hitters one-on-one throughout the game,” said Haury.

Wednesday evening, Haury was back at The Hoop in Salem, working on her timing of her sets in-game during NPJ’s Quad 4-on-4 games at the facility. That timing could mean the difference of match-point of the game continuing or the difference between the start of a rally or ending a pre-existing rally.

A thrill that Haury enjoys as she joins Paige Traeger as setters for the Silverton Volleyball teams.

Haury and her squad walking off the court following their second and final game of the day at The Hoop in Salem (Photo By Jeremy McDonald)

“I like being in control of the play, where the ball goes and touching it every time,” said Haury. “I’m pretty excited just because I’ve never played school-ball volleyball before, so I’m really excited to play in High School.”

As Haury and her team wrapped up the day on court seven, on one of the courts next to hers McNary’s Maddox Snider and West Salem’s Bella Snyder were wrapping up their first of two games Wednesday.

During the first session, the 6-7:30 session, the Celtic and the Titan play with the Titans Keva Neidigh and Ashley Kelly before playing with Laila Leaks and Kayleigh Carpenter from the South Salem-squad. Trying out new things and getting those crucial looks on the court in the 4-on-4 games, playing with other players that aren’t necessarily from the same squad from school.

“It’s really good, I like it because I get to play different positions each time so getting to that one spot and I move on down to another spot,” starts Snider. “I play wherever in practice and I like that we play different people than from NPJ, so it’s even better because we’re not playing the same people like we’re usually do. We’re playing from like every region which is what I like.”

“I think it’s great that we get to play with a bunch of different people from different clubs. At the end of the day we have one thing in common and that’s Volleyball, that’s the sport we love to play, so it’s just nice to play and see how we play with each other,” adds Snyder.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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