Oregon Seven’s League Starting Up

By Jeremy McDonald


Football is back.  Well 7-on-7 anyway in a modified fashion.

The Oregon 7’s are looking for teams to join the growing interested in the league.

There is not cap of teams entered, but the max roster space for each team will be 15 players per team for the fifth/sixth-grade division, seventh/eighth-grade division and the High School division.  Deadline is September 20, cost is 500 bucks per team through the Island Boys Camp (IBC).

Tournaments will be in counties with at least a Phase 2 status starting September 27, 2020 and go through November 8 with the cap of 250 people max crowd, mask will be worn during games and on the sidelines with social distancing guidelines in effect for those playing and spectating.  Hand sanitizer will be provided by IBC and available on the sidelines.

The playing field will be 50-yards, 40-yard playing field plus 10-yards for the endzone with mouthpieces, cleats and soft helmets will be required during playing.

Salem, Eugene, Tillamook, The Dalles and Medford are currently committed in hosting a tournament during this time-frame.  Games are 20-minutes each with a running clock, five-minute intermission between games and rules have been adopted from the IBC/Saxon Youth Football Flag/7v7 league that was created back in 2010, but feedback is welcomed.

For IBC president and co-founder Alex ‘Fui’ Fuimaono, the idea that had indeed started as an idea evolved into a large Zoom-call Monday evening resulting in the development of the league and over a hundred-people on the call that faithful night.

“Very important. My work at PCL and my family at OYA keeps me updated on the rise in depression, Suicide ideation and everything bad kids can get in to. I know they’re missing football so I started reaching out to people for ideas. They went to other people and next thing I knew we had 100+ coaches in the call.

“The call was amazing. High school coaches, middle school coaches, youth program coaches, media, Fox 12, TVYFL & Mid Valley POP Warner. We’ve never had that many coaches together working on the same cause. The response was amazing. Positive. We all want to create that family environment that we have in IBC. That’s why we created the Oregon youth coaches page on FB and now the Oregon 7’s. And it’s just for kids in Oregon!”

To register for the league, visit http://www.islandboyscamp.org .

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