Fall Ball Is Coming

By Jeremy McDonald


HUBBARD, Ore.–  Fall Ball is coming.

As their first game approaches August 30, the NM Magic were holding their try-outs as they break into the 16U realm on the heels of at their 14U summer that ended a few weeks ago.

A solid turnout of about 15-18 girls came out to Barendse Park Sunday afternoon.  Co-Head Coach Neil Forste was nervous for the day, not because of nerves of setting up a team for the seasoned coach, but because of the forecasted heat that was supposed to come.

Thankfully Mother Nature gave them a floater across the plate for them to hit it out of the park.  Humid and cloudy was a lot nicer than 100 degrees with the Sun beating down on them.

The NM Magic held their try-out/workout Sunday afternoon at Barendse Park in Hubbard.  The season starts for the Magic August 31 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I think they did well, we got a break from the weather so I think it was nice to get a couple of sprinkles.  We were definitely worried about what the forecast said bringing a group together and we’re running out of time with the first games on the 30th,” starts Forste.  “I felt like we needed to get together and I think we had a good pool of talent out here, all good kids and we’re going to be well-represented all over the State.”

Working through the basics with running the bases, hitting and for a few, pitching and catching.  Getting instruction and coaching through Sunday afternoon’s try-outs as the squad will look to play in B-, and A-tournaments this upcoming Fall.

“We’re definitely labeled as a 16B team in my mind, but our aspirations are to develop this program into the 16A-level,” said Forste. “The beauty of it now is that we have a lot young kids that are going to be moving up.  14’s who are probably going to be staying at the 16-level for up to three years, which means we can keep on progressing the program from the B-classification into the A.

“Obviously we’ll touch base with the A-classification here and there, see where we’re at as far as talent-wise and move on from there.  Trying to push ourselves towards a 16A ball club.”


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