48th Annual OBCA State-Metro All-Star Series

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  It’s an honor for sure to be apart of an historic event like the Oregon Basketball Coaches Association State-Metro All-Star Series.

2020 was suppose to be the 48th-year of the series, pinning the best 5A/6A women seniors and the best 2A-6A men seniors against one another in a fun little exhibition of talent, but the Coronavirus Pandemic had hampered the games from being played this year.  The association had gone forth and created the teams, still honoring the Seniors in some fashion for this past season.

“With all that had gone on with senior year being cut short it felt good to get some good news. I was sad it was cancelled because I would’ve loved to have played with some of the top players with a couple being former teammates of mine from AAU but it was still an honor to be recognized for all the hard work I have put in as a basketball player and knowing that it was being noticed and paying off,” said South Salem’s Victoria Stafford, who was named to the Girls State All-Star team, averaging 14.1 points and 6.5 rebounds a game as a Senior in 2020.

The two former teammates for Stafford from AAU were Riley Traeger (Silverton) and Ellie Croco (Lebanon) on the State team.  Mountain Valley Conference-opposition Kaycee Brown (Bend) and Caitlin Wheeler (Bend) were also on the State team coached by Melanie Wagner (Liberty) and Mardy Benedict (Lebanon).

Blanchet’s James Moore, who was named to the North All-Star team, played alongside some of the guys named to the same All-Star Games in travel ball in Jalen Lampma of Lakeview and Aiden McAuliffe of Lost River.  Lampman and McAuliffe were named to the South Team, coached by Moore’s dad, as the moment was awesome for the Cavs-graduate.

“It was amazing. Especially when I saw the names I was next to, guys like George (Sadi), Isaiah (Mariscal), Jalen, Aiden. It’s truly an honor to get recognition on the state level along with all of those guys. I really wish we could get a chance to play the games, but even though we can’t, it still means a lot to me,” said Moore.

Here are the full rosters for the games:

Girls State All-Stars

Mary Workman- Lebanon

Meagan Mendazona- Central

Bella Pedrojetti- South Medford

Alyssa Mirabile- Sheldon

Kaycee Brown- Bend

Riley Traeger- Silverton

Caitlin Wheeler- Bend

Bella Hamel- Liberty

Victoria Stafford-South Salem

Elli Croco- Lebanon

Natalie Willoughby-Willamette

Coaches:  Melanie Wagner (Liberty) Mardy Benedict- Lebanon

Riley Traeger (20) looking up at a shot in the Foxes Quaterfinal game against Ridgeview March 10 at Gill Colosseum (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Girls Metro All-Stars

Nia Bradley- Grant

Ajaw Yoakum-Benson

McKelle Meek-Southridge

Tyra Bradford- Oregon City

Mary Kay Naro- Beaverton

Laura Erikstrup- Beaverton

Bria Dixson-Benson

Sydney Erikstrup- Beaverton

Abigail Cooper- Central Catholic

Cameron Brink- Mountainside

Maddie Holm- St. Helens

Libby Mathos-Barlow

Coaches Kathy Naro- Beaverton Eric Knox-Benson

David Gonzalez putting up a shot against Crater March 6, 2018 as Silverton won 57-39 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Boys State All-Stars

Jacob Thompkins-Summit

Trey Galbraith- South Salem

Silas Bennion- Chruchill

Jett Carpenter- North Medford

Jamison Guerra- Sherwood

Sam Harris- South Eugene

David Gonzales-Silverton

Kruger Edwards-Crater

Blake Jensen-Sherwood

Brain Goracke- Chruchill

Grant Dunn-Silverton

Jasper Reinalda-Corvallis

 Coaches:  Dave Hancock- South Eugene.  Kelly Bokn-Churchill


Boys Metro All-Stars

Gabe Reichle- Wilsonville

Micah Garrett- West Linn

Braden Sato- Sunset

Dakota Reber- Wilsonville

Casey Graver- Lake Oswego

Erik Fraser- Grant

Matt Levis- Jesuit

Andre Best- Oregon City

Evan Inglesby- Barlow

Jesse White- Barlow

Wayne Jamison- Westview

Keegan Shivers-Wilsonville

Coaches:  Tom Johnson (Barlow).  Scott Aker (Franklin).  Todd Sherwood (Sunset)

James Moore of Blanchet driving to the hole against Scio February 17, 2020 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

2A/3A/4A All-Star Teams

North All-Stars

Isiah Mariscal- Columbia Christian

James Moore- Blanchet

Luca Pejovic-Nezhut- OES.

Conner Rea- Rainier

Jarred Evans- Banks

George Sadi- De La Salle

Ryan Hague- Seaside

Jacob Slifka- Banks

Beau Johnson-Seaside

Mason Westerholm- Knappa

Coaches- Bill Westerholm-Seaside.  Edward Kirk- OES.  Paul Isom-Knappa

South All-Stars

Conner Merchant- Toledo

Jeremy Kistner- Coquille

Ethan Hutsell- Phoenix

Brayden Frietag- Bandon

Jalen Lampman-Lakeview

Aiden McAuliffe-Lost River

Kiegan Schaan- Cascade Christain

Mason Gill- Sutherlin

Darius Hull-Henley

Matthew Newbert- Henley

Ean Smith- Coquille

Trey Foster- St. Mary’s

Coaches:  Luke Hammond-Henley.  Eddie Townsend-Toledo.  Brain Morse-Cascade Christian.

North Marion’s Sergio Jimenez (22) pulls up for a shot as the Huskie-grad was selected to the East All-Stars team (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

East All-Stars

Kaleb Myer- La Grande

Andrew Earl-Umatilla

Caden Long-Baker

Sergio Jimenez- North Marion

Pedro Chavez-Nyssa

Dapri Miller-Madras

Mason Lehman-Heppner

Tristan Morris- Grant Union

Peyton Thurman- Pilot Rock

Johnny Page- North Marion

Coaches:  Mark Carollo- La Grande.  Cody Aker- Gladstone.

West All-Stars

Luke Hall (32) of Kennedy was selected to the West All-Star team of the OBCA 48th-annual All-Star games (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Fredy Hidalgo- Newport

Nick Stice- Marist

JJ Anderson-Marist

Colin Thuston-Sanitam

Payton Richardson- Western Christian

Zach Young- Monroe

Tyler Frieze- Creswell

Alex Nicoli- Western Christian

Luke Hall-Kennedy

Koby Williamson- Santiam Christian

Colton Brownson- Oakland

Coach– Bart Pollard- Marist.  Jesse Thomas-Creswell.  Jeff Clark-Oakland.


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