Santiam Duo Playing Together One More Time

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.—The Santiam Duo found a way to stick out Friday night at Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Stadium in a way Charlie Sheen’s character from Major League in The Wild Thing would be impressed by.  Perhaps jealous they got away with it.

In a sea of 5A and 6A guys, the 2A ballplayers in Kobe Dyer and Riley Rothrock stood out by going with their sleeveless grey jerseys as members of Team Lincecum on this evening.

It was a warm-day when they arrived in Keizer from Mill City, so they decided to go with the uniform instead of one of their sleeved jersey’s against the Sandoval squad with kids from Putnam, McMinnville, Lakeridge and Clackamas High Schools.

“It hit about 90, so we felt like we go tank-tops.  It worked,” smiled Rothrock.  “We’re the only ones from Santiam.  The only ones doing it.

The summer breeze came strolling through the ballpark at about the third inning, the decision may have seemed regrettable if they stood around for too long.  Rothrock caught the whole game behind the dish, Dyer came in to pitch in the third inning.

Santiam’s Riley Rothrock (1) talking to McNary’s Alex Tavera (left) in a mound visit Friday night at Volcanoes Stadium (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Dyer had just came back from Alaska on the 25th from working in the Last Frontier State and hadn’t pitched in a game since the Wolverines Playoff berth last Spring.  Throwing 58 pitches in six-innings in Santiam’s 10-0 win over Western Christian to clinch the berth as Dyer got to throw to his long-time catcher one more time.

“Me and Riley have been going down to the field everyday trying to get ready,” starts Dyer, who drew a walk in two at-bats Friday night.  “(Rothrock) was my JBO catcher as well in our younger days, it was good.”

“It’s a lot different catching someone you don’t know to catching someone you know.  It’s like back in JBO,” adds Rothrock.  “Me and him teamed up, me catching, him catching.  Good memories made.  It’s fun.”

The Dyer-Rothrock battery lasted two innings before Dyer went to the outfield.  The two will get to play one more time on the diamond Saturday night at 7pm against Team Crawford, going up against guys from North Marion, Estacada, Silverton and South Salem in the night cap game.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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