Showcasing Her Versatility

By Jeremy McDonald

NEWBERG, Ore.– It has been an interesting Summer for Central’s Peyton Foreman.

Nearly a month ago, June 27, the incoming Panther Junior was playing for the Bat Company Benson 16U squad in a game against the NW Vandals 16U at the softball fields at Keizer Little League in Keizer.  But with the Coronavirus pandemic and the tournaments the squad were signed up for canceling due to it, the squad decided to cancel their season and allow their girls to join other teams as pick-up players.

Over the next few weeks, Foreman has played with the Oregon Fillies and had played with the SV Storm 16U squad before joining up with the Oregon Titans 16U Jankowski squad for the NAFA Summer National Tournament in Newberg this weekend.

Foreman, an Honorable Mention Catcher as a freshman in 2019, has done it before.  Having been a pick-up player for teams last summer, but the lone tricky part has been picking up signs when she’s behind the dish.

“It hasn’t been difficult, I did it last summer a lot.  The only bad in this transition is learning the signs when I’m catching, I haven’t done catching in a while.  So, coming in and learning the signs have been difficult, but it’s fun though,” said Foreman. “I really much enjoy it.”

Foreman at third against Affliction.  The Central softball player has picked up for three teams since Bat Company ended their season earlier this summer (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Foreman caught in the second-game of the Titans doubleheader at the Crater Fields at the Darnell Sports Complex, catching for Amy Jankowski and Rylee Morris in the Oregon Titans 10-1, five inning victory to close out Pool Play 2-0.

To add to the fun Thursday, Foreman dabbled in two positions she’s not all too familiar with.  Playing left field to start their first game against Affliction before transitioning to third base by the third inning.  All while playing with her first-basemen glove.

She made the second out of the inning playing left field in the second inning in foul territory and Foreman rebuttal an error to in the third inning with a rundown towards second base.  Being able to be versatile entering her Junior year at Central just in case the Panthers need her to line up elsewhere on the diamond.

Foreman caught the second game against the Sherwood Fireballs 16U after playing Left Field and Third-Base the game prior (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It was interesting, I’ve never played third before.  It was quiet the time.  But it was good to be back into it and playing positions, trying new things.  Getting put where I need to be is what I’d do,” starts Foreman  “I think it’s really flexible for coaches, just to have someone like I am and have a utility player like that, I feel like it kind of helps the team to win.

“If that means putting me at third then we’re going to win, that’s what going to happen.”

Foreman went 3-for-4 with 2RBI’s for the Titans, who will start bracket play Friday at the NAFA Summer National Tournament.

“We came together as a team, having three pick-up players with the Titans.  We did pretty well and we’re really excited about tomorrow,” said Foreman.


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