Green Squad’s Mask Set Pace In Win

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Incoming Scio Junior Toby Mask has pitched a few times before, but the Logger big man primary is a catcher and first baseman.

Joining teammates like Garrett Young, Dustin Erickson, Jake Trissel and Kolton Ellis playing some summer baseball in Salem as member’s of the Green squad, Mask stepped in for South Salem’s  Andrew Norman in what would have became a 2-2 ball game and went to work.

“I think I did alright.  I could have done better, but you can always improve on stuff,” said Mask.  “Most of the time I play anywhere they put me.”

Mask picked up three strikeouts in his first inning of work, which was the second inning of Monday’s game.  Nice little start.

After his second and third innings of work on the bump though, that number soared to seven.  Then eight by his fourth and final inning of work.  It was Young-like on the mound that may give Scio an extra arm in the rotation next Spring.

“It was fun.  It was a good time, we had a good time, we just played our game,” said Mask.

The Green squad used a big swing in the third in which they scored six runs.  Runs produced by Bain Schudel (Scio) on a 2RBI double, Brady Trager (Kennedy) on a RBI double, Erickson on a single, a pass ball score and a Trissel single to push the lead to 8-2 on the squads way to a 13-2 victory on Monday night at Holland Youth Park.

“It was good, just being able to relax up there and just throwing my game,” said Mask.

Blake Allen (Pleasant Hill) and Mason MacRostie (West Albany) drove in runs for the Blue Team.

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