Hmura Reminiscences On Time With Zenith Team

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Soccer has gave South Salem’s Allison Hmura a lot of life lessons as the Saxon Senior prepares for her next journey at Linfield.

It taught her how to work in a group, problem solve and how to be a leader on-and-off the field.  So as her club season, with the Zenith team at Capital FC, was canceled due to the pandemic Hmura was devastated.  It is still something that she is processing as the calendar flips over to June.

“When I had first heard that school was cancelled I knew what was coming next, soccer. Soccer is my outlet it’s where I go to be in my happy place. School was how I could get involved and see my friends and teammates every day,” she said.  “I’m honestly pretty devastated that there are no tournaments this summer it’s honestly what I look forward every year, just having an opportunity to compete. I would give anything for one last game with that team.”

The squad was something you only hoped for.  It was like something out of a video game with the talent on the team.  Names like Paige Alexander, Olivia Orozco, Sarah Rice, Emilly Olvera and Marina Foster were on the Zenith squad that won five-straight State Championships.  It was also a dream scenario as well with how well they all played together, something that Hmura holds dearly; especially playing with her teammate in Foster.

“It was amazing to be able to be an apart of such a successful team. Getting to travel and play the sport that you like be with your best friends is the greatest gig out there. It was an honor playing with the talented girls that I was, it was a privilege being able to learn from my teammates every day,” said Hmura of playing with the team.

“Being able to play with some of my teammates really helped when it came to high school season. I was so excited when Marina and I were chosen to be captains for the south soccer team because we had already been playing with each other for such a long time. She would know what I was think or where I was going play the ball at all times. It made south’s team more cohesive. I will miss playing with my South and Zenith team so much! To be able to play with wonderful players like them was truly an honor.”

Hmura is one of ten Seniors on that Zenith team, coached by Likius Hafeni, to have committed to play at the college level.


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