Maurer Looks Ahead After Tough Finish To Prep Career

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  It wasn’t the year that Stayton’s Sydney Maurer was expecting.

It was one of those years in which she, Alysha Sims and Emma Heuberger were expecting to build from after the Eagles reached the 4A State Playoff Opening Round for the first-time since the 2013-2014 season last Spring.

For Maurer, the last four years had made her the person she is today.  Heartbreaking knowing too that they were more than just a team, they were a family.  Seeing them hitting their groove in another promising season with the family, the team, only to see it come a close all too soon.

“They were more than a team; they were my family. It has been so hard not being able to be with my softball family. It broke my heart getting to start practices and then being told we are not able to continue and get to show off all our hard work. I had great hopes for my team and I know we could have made something great happen this year,” said Maurer.

“I miss seeing the girls every day, having a bat in my hands and dirt under my cleats. I miss the blood, sweat, tears, and all the bruise I would have had from the season. I miss being able to say that I got to play my senior year and being able to tell my kids how it went. I will never know what it was like. My favorite memory from softball will be my team and how they were and what we were when my high school career ended.”

Maurer delivering a pitch against Cascade her Junior Year against Cascade on April 9, 2019 in Turner (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Maurer felt like she failed her team Maurer said, pointing towards how well-rounded they were in being able to be in multiple spots on the diamond to help the team and not being able to help lead them to victory one more time.  It’s the competitor that she is, the team-player that she is.

At the same time too, through the bitter sweetness of the moment, it helped her appreciate the game she grew up to love even more.

“I just wanted one last chance to help my team to a victory and I feel like I failed them and myself. It isn’t my fault that the season was cancelled but it was hard to say goodbye to my team for the last team as a player,” Maurer starts.  “I definitely appreciate the game a lot more now and realized my time is almost up on the field. My goal is to go as far as can in this sport but you never know what the next day will bring you. When I get to walk back on the field again, I will remember the time I didn’t and how I felt heartbroken over the game I love.”

May 14 was supposed to be their Senior Day and regular season finale against rival-Cascade, but the journey doesn’t end for Maurer just yet.  For the 2019 First Team infielder, and helped the Eagle Swim Team finish fifth in the 400-meter freestyle Relay this past Winter, next up is playing with the NW Vandals 18U softball team and playing for the Chemeketa Community College softball team this upcoming season.

The soon-to-be Stayton-Graduate knows her journey is just beginning ahead.

“My dreams lucky don’t stop there, I have the privilege to play softball for Chemeketa Community College this fall and playing summer ball for the NW Vandals 18U softball team. I will be working on become a better player but also towards my dream of becoming a nurse and helping people in my community,” said Maurer.  “I want to thank everyone that has supported me and keeps supporting me through good times and bad. Without all of them, I wouldn’t be the person or player I am today. I want to thank (Head Coach) Jeff Silbernagel and (Assistant Coach) Bob Heuberger for all they have done for the Stayton High Softball Team.”


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