Making The Most Of The Opportunity

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.—  We’ve heard the phrase, ‘The new normal’ the last eight, nine, ten weeks since the lockdown went into effect in Mid-March.

Now the dust is settling from that time, the question is becoming what is to come of it?  We’re still in recovering as the State is opening up from its slumber, it’s healing process of sorts.

The good thing about 2020 is its technology and the ability to stay connected with each other during the moratorium period that’s drawing to an end for the OSAA here in days’ time.

For South Salem Girls Basketball Coach Adrian Lewis, who saw his Saxon girls season come to a premature end a few weeks ago at the Chiles Center in Portland, he’s spent the time connecting with the girls on his basketball squad during this downtime making sure that they are there with another through these tough times we’re all going through.

“With this pandemic we are all trying to figure out this new normal. I know I have been trying to figure it out with work and being a coach. Big thing I have been trying to do is still trying to stay connected with students and my players. Great thing about technology is that it can bring us together and in times like these it has definitely has showed,” said Lewis.  “I have been making phone calls to the players and set up zoom meetings for all of us to connect and see each other. It has been great and big thing is just making sure everyone knows I am there for them and I’m thinking about them.”

Head Coach Adrian Lewis looked and found a way to get his squad to stay with it during the Summer without physical games to be played over the next few weeks (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Teams are stuck between a rock and a hard place with the State opening up and figuring out how to supplement Summer Basketball during the time where normally teams are looking to see what they have for the next season; thus creating the question of what now?  What do teams that were expected to play in Summer League Games and Summer League Tournaments like East of The Trail cannot do it?

Lewis wanted to do something.  He wanted to develop something and make sure his squad will be ready for when the season kicks off again in the Winter, they’re ready to make another deep run at it as they did this past year.

The solution for Lewis came from South Salem’s baseball coach in Max Price.

“Coach Price from our baseball program created School of Saxon Baseball when his season got cancelled. I thought it was awesome and had numerous talks with him about it. With his guidance and feedback, I create Saxon Basketball School,” said Lewis.

“It will ask players to read, write and watch videos on numerous topics ranging from skill development, mental aspect, leadership, etc. Players can choose what they want to do and at the pace they want to do it. I wanted to have the girls compete as well so there are points for each task, they do…Most the time when we think of skill development, we think physical skills. I am very fortunate to have a lot of players that have the skills to play. I wanted to continue developing those but also develop the mental aspect.”

There’s prizes for the Top 10, targeting towards girls associated with the South Salem program between the seventh and 12th grades to stay involved while improving mentally and physically as well as working together in a safe matter through it.

“I also want the girls to work together so they get bonus points for working together, safely of course,” said Lewis.  “I also wanted them to think about others around them and make positive impacts within their family and community. I just want the girls to work together and find something that they really connect to. I want to help them grow physically and mentally.”

To sign up if you are associated with the Saxon Girls program visit here: .

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