Scio’s Lowther Ventures Into Coaching

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.–  It wasn’t too long ago that Scio-grad Jacob Lowther was popping the pads, blocking on the offensive line in the triple-option offense that the Loggers are known for.

Two years ago to be exact as Scio reached the 3A State Semi-Finals before falling to Cascade Christian, the Challengers won the State Title that Fall.  Now Lowther is preparing for his second year coaching.

“Well coaching has always been something I wanted to do so I picked up quick. The hard part now is new school new offensive and new coaching styles. But I started learning everything a month or so and catching pretty quickly over it,” said Lowther.

Lowther broke into coaching this past Fall coaching at Scio Middle School before coming over to Cascade High School this upcoming season to coach offensive line.

“The one cool thing about being young and back at it,” said Lowther.  “I choose to coach at the middle school level where the kids know who I am but I never went to school with them or played with them.”

Lowther looking towards the sideline during Scio’s 68-31 win over Lakeview November 3, 2017 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The thrill of the move is great said Lowther, loves it even.  It’s just a matter of learning a new system as he embraces this new chapter of his life coaching from the sidelines instead of being out on the gridiron throwing a run-block or double-teaming a defensive end.

Learning the new system is pretty easy said Lowther with how similar it is to what he use to run in Scio.

“Learning the new system is pretty easy it’s pretty similar in the schemes but it’s the same thing in a way. I wanted to coach cause my end goal is I want to help kids become better in life and also better men! And I love the game,” said Lowther.

“For me improving is kind of hard to tell over from middle school to high school level the game is all different and so it will be a whole new ball game…with an open mind and will to learn and know I got to learn on the fly.”

The Cougars went 7-2 last season and will  open the season against Erie of Colorado September 4.





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